Do You Ever Feel Like This When Shopping? See Also, Babies Sleep In The Weirdest Places

I know I do. Oh, to be a baby and to have the luxury of falling asleep anywhere. At least she has her older brother to hold her up!

This was taken whilst grocery shopping after a very long night of teething and not wanting to go to bed before the sun went down. Someone has spring fever and they have it bad. Someone’s mother needs to sew some black-out material as a liner to their bedroom curtains…

Baby Sleeping

STAT. For the sanity and much needed sleep of us all.


Not that I don’t adore this photo. Not that I don’t keep looking back on it whilst my heart bursts over the cuteness of it or anything. Not that I don’t have a thing for babies in shopping carts. (Oh, I do.) It’s just that this little 15 minute nap led to a melty day of no naps when we got home from the market and grocery shopping. Much curmudgeony baby / toddler-ness, ensued all day. Which I of course am not the hugest fan of.

Which, I also understand – is all part of the parenting gig. Mama said there would be days like these. It’s all part of a #ReaMamaLife. I’m inclined to think that is why babies and toddlers are created so dang adorable in the first place. It’s a magical time wherein a tiny human being can get away with more than any one adult would ever dream of pulling.

You’d never imagine it from this photo. Or maybe you could – if you know, you are wise to the ways of the wily, clever-who-knows-they-are-cute, toddler.

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