Discover & Play: My Baby’s 1st Spring On Foot!

This may be Abby’s second spring around the moon – but it is clearly the best one she has had yet. Girl can walk and run and do all of the big girl things. More or less.

Click through for a typical day in the life of my 21 month old baby slash toddler girl as she wreaks havoc and discovers all of the wonders of spring. (Now that she can control where her feet go.)

  • Running To See & Do All of The Everything

    Running To See & Do All of The Everything

    Each new step is an adventure >>>

  • Bye Bye Skating Rink

    Bye Bye Skating Rink

    She is fascinated with everything. The sun, the water, the buds on trees and the blooms popping out of the earth. Most especially though, she loves to get into precarious situations because of course, the MOST fun is to be had that way.

  • Just Bounce

    Just Bounce

    This, next to the big kid twirly slide (because why would one prefer the safer, baby jungle gym when their big brother goes on the big one? PSH!) is her favourite. The higher and the faster the better. Little daredevil.

  • Goin' On a Bear Hunt...

    Goin' On a Bear Hunt...

    Gonna catch a big one. Or a leaf. Whatever. Everything is AWESOME-SAUCE in the spring.

  • Keeps Me On My Toes

    Keeps Me On My Toes

    She will barrel up and down everything and anything. Regardless of the laws of gravity, because, you know – she has magical powers that defy injury and stuff like that. Except not.

  • Just Take Me Everywhere

    Just Take Me Everywhere

    Every day it’s all she can do to contain her bursting excitement at the high probability that we are going to take her and her brother to the park. All of the best things happen there. Didntchaknow.

  • Photo Opps

    Photo Opps

    She’s getting used to the fact that if we are going to cater to all of her outdoorsy, adventure seeking whims, there will be impromptu photo shoots.

  • Better Together

    Better Together

    Everything is better as long as her older brother is involved. Because obviously.

  • Daddy's Girl

    Daddy's Girl

    Up on his shoulders is the best for sky rocket launching and/or tree tugging and butterfly catching. She also, yodelling.

  • Wild Child

    Wild Child

    She and her brother both. The end.

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