A Baby and Toddler’s Day at the Farm

I’ve gathered that for my friends in the States, summer is over. School has already started and summer activities are but a memory. Over here in Canada however, we’ve a few short days to squish in some last bits of summer magic, and one last long weekend as our final hurrah.

In these final days, our little family have been taking in as much as we can, planning activities and outings, many of which are first time experiences for our little ones.

A recent trip to one of our local farms for the afternoon proved to be a huge hit all around. Days later our eldest is still reminiscing and is now obsessed with farm animals amongst his roster of anything to do with letters and numbers.

  • Animal-Friendly Petting Zoo

    Animal-Friendly Petting Zoo

    There were happy goats everywhere. By happy I mean that their habitat was wide open and well-tended to. The gales of laughter and short squeals of glee made it apparent that little Abby loved meeting these sweet animals.

  • My Favourites

    My Favourites

    These little thumpers were so friendly; it was endearing and revealing to watch our little ones and the children of others be so gentle with the bunnies. I fully expected that most toddlers and babies would chase them and grab at them – but no. These two were especially fond of us humans and loved them a good cuddle.

  • Monster Trucks...

    Monster Trucks...

    Baby and toddler edition. The farm had a most excellent little park with tons of trucks and cars and all sorts of other toys. For the first hour, we couldn’t get the kids to leave the park to visit the actual farm.

  • Slides or Animals?

    Slides or Animals?

    It was a tough choice. Who can blame them?

  • Best Friends

    Best Friends

    These two were a favourite of my son Wyndham’s, he wanted to take them home with him. Not possible, but he now knows he can ask to go and visit them. Daily.

  • The New Kid

    The New Kid

    Apparently the goats felt the same about him, as they let him wander around with them and even hunker down next to them for a little chill session.

What activities or outings did you or are you trying to squeeze into these last beautiful days of summer?

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