Daddy-Daughter Dates

One of my favorite parts of the weekend is when my husband takes Ella out for a little daddy-daughter date on Saturday morning or afternoon.

Of course, ONE of the reasons I love it is that it gives me a couple of hours by myself to do whatever I want, whether that’s read, take a nap, clean the bathrooms, or go to the store.

But I mainly love that it gives Ella a chance to spend one-on-one time with her dad, where he is completely focused on her.

I love having her come home afterward and tell me about everything they’ve done together, whether it’s leaving the park “because it too hot” or looking at new shoes or getting a smoothie.


I love that my husband gets to see Ella experience new places and activities and get excited about the smallest things (who knew that the pet store could be a full hour of entertainment for a 20-month-old?).

Toddler Eating Ice Cream

And I love my husband for sending me little photos of their adventures while they are out and about. Even if the pictures of ice cream make me hungry.

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