Big City Big Adventure: 8 Tips for Bus Travel with Toddlers

Last weekend I took my little ones on a big adventure to the big city. I was on my own and we had grand plans for some end of the summer family-friendly destination hopping.

Before we could get to any of that however, we had to take a two-hour bus ride to get there (the mister had the van). Traveling with two toddlers in tow is never easy — and you can only bring the basics. It can also be a lot of fun, and have them grinning from ear to ear at having had such a unique and memorable experience!

This is my 2nd time taking my littles on a long bus trip and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. They’re still talking about their weekend, the big buses and streetcars being a highlight. Click through for some tried-and-true tips for bus travel with toddlers!

  • Big Bus Travel With Little Ones...

    Big Bus Travel With Little Ones...

    Doesn’t have to be as hard / stressful as you’d think!

  • Hype The Day

    Hype The Day

    Have lots of conversations with your toddlers about your upcoming trip. Watch some big bus videos on YouTube together, read a book about bus travel, sing songs (The Wheels on the Bus!). You get the drift. Hype up all things big bus-centric.

  • Screen Time FTW

    Screen Time FTW

    Whatever your screen vice of choice – hook that action up, no shame. It will improve everyone’s experience in spades.

  • Revel In The Cuddles

    Revel In The Cuddles

    It’s not often anymore that I get to do nothing in the afternoon but cuddle Abby to sleep and stick with her for her entire nap. We always end up co-sleeping at home (she crawls into bed with us in the middle of the night), but I’m passed out. Being awake and soaking up all of those sweet cuddles is definitely something to savour and something that the bumps of a long bus ride totally invite! Key: remember their fave blankie or lovie.

  • Squelch Their Fears

    Squelch Their Fears

    A big city for little ones who live out in the boonies (us), can be frightening and overwhelming! Keep things positive by explaining what everything is around them. The smells, the sounds AND the sights. Keep your packing to an absolute minimum and enlist their help by putting some of their own stuff in their own knapsacks if they are old enough. (A book, some cars, their drink vessel, a snack, a lovie, etc.) They love being given responsibilities like that.

  • Give Them a Break

    Give Them a Break

    From each other and all of the travel. If you have multiple transfers, try and make a green-space or a park one of your pit-stops, where they can run around and play.

  • Photo Ops

    Photo Ops

    Don’t forget to take pictures. Because sibling toddlers on a streetcar sitting on the same seat?
    C U T E.

  • Snackage


    Is of the upmost importance. Have their favourites packed up and readily available including cold, fresh water. Avoid juice and other high sugar snacks/foods. A good tip in general, but especially when you don’t want them melting down and/or bouncing around more than usual.

  • They Are Still My Babies

    They Are Still My Babies

    At the end of the day they are still your babies and while long bus travel may seem daunting; all they need to feel at ease (and for you to feel less stress), is to be close to you.

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