Beach Baby

Okay. Beach baby. Goodtimes, right? But a lot of work, too. You know, what with all the packing. So much to remember. So let’s see what we’ve got here, shall we?

Noise maker? Check. Monitor? Check. Clothes, complete with an outfit or two to wear out to dinner? Check.

Lovies, blankies, pacis? Check, check, check. Sunscreen, beach hat? That’s a check and a double check, my friends.

So much more, obviously. The wipes, the diaper-rash cream, not to mention the diapers, themselves — both nighttime and daytime, of course. AH! And the swim diapers. Gotta make sure you take those. Then there’s all the toys and the books to keep his little mind active. Then the bottles, the baby food, the baby spoons and the bibs. OOH. High chair. Good one. But she’s got that handled, too, believe it or not.

Oh my. Medicine. You know, for reflux. Good thing I’m not in charge of packing for Luke. Because I would have probably forgotten that one. But not Caroline, though. She packed it in the cooler because it has to stay refrigerated and all. And as you can see from these post-breakfast pictures (that first one is him on the kitchen table — i love that one!), he’s feeling a-okay thanks to Mom being on top of things.

beach baby

Here’s me and my little guy just moments later. Love my boy. Such a joy.

Frankly, I don’t see how my wife does it, but part of the “how” just might lie in the fact that this ain’t her first rodeo, y’all. And through repetition comes proficiency, I suppose, which means her already-impressive organizational skills have now approached efficiency levels that border on astonishing.

And thanks to that, our vacations are such incredibly joyous ones. Thanks to that organizational prowess, that is. And now that Luke’s onboard, they’re even better. Because there’s something so magical about having a baby at the beach.

Each beach experience for each baby is as unique as the baby itself, of course. And part of the magic for our family on this past trip is that Luke has reminded us of what our other babies were like to have along on their first few trips.

The way I’ve been told our oldest (since I’m her stepdad and wasn’t around for her baby beach trips) delighted in chasing around those funny little birds that flirt with the rising tide. And the way Jack loved to sit in the shallow tidal pools once the tide had gone back out and kick. And kick. And kick. And Sammy with his sand-eating shenanigans. And Kirby with the constant grimace she wore as she contemplated the sun with curiosity reserved for budding astrologists.

All these memories conjured up by watching our current baby. Which means it’s through Luke’s uniqueness we relive theirs, you see. The murky origins of what’s turned into now. And without Luke, I’m not sure we would have unearthed these artifacts about our four other children. And it means a lot to Caroline and me to have done just that, and to be able to remember these things so vividly once again, even if time will eventually cheat us by making the memories fade, like the colors of the sun-drenched swimsuits our baby has inherited from his older brothers.

Wait a minute. Sun-drenched swimsuits.

UNBELIEVABLE. Turns out we forgot something after all.

beach baby

Some people would call this rednecky. You know, letting your baby galavant about on the beach without a bathing suit.

But we call it swim-diaper chic, y’all. As well as another wonderful baby beach memory. What are some of yours?

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