Baby’s First Snow

Our baby was born on January 15th of this past year during the first winter snowfall we had in Portland, Oregon. It inspired us to give her the middle name Winter. But despite her cold weather beginnings, Fern hadn’t seen snow since then and when we decided to spend a weekend in the mountains we were excited about reintroducing her to the snow that surrounded her sweet birth story.

  • Baby's First Snow

    Baby's First Snow

    Over the weekend, our family spent the weekend in the woods and our little Fern had her first encounter with the cold and fluffy white stuff…better known as snow.

  • Bright and shiny

    Bright and shiny

    “What is this stuff dad? It’s so bright and shiny! I love shiny things!”

  • Huh?


    “Ok guys. I’m not totally sure about this stuff. It’s cold and white and feels like my fruit popsicles, but what is it?”

  • Snow inspector

    Snow inspector

    Inspecting the tiny little snowball that was made for her.

  • Hello little friend!

    Hello little friend!

    Waving and saying “hey!” to her mini snowball – just about the cutest thing ever in my totally biased mom opinion.

  • Taste test

    Taste test

    Look Fern! You can eat this stuff! It’s like the coldest water ever!

  • Going back for seconds

    Going back for seconds

    Fern went back for seconds and thirds…and fourths when it came to snow eating. She was definitely a fan.

  • Hunting and gathering

    Hunting and gathering

    Grabbing her own handfuls of snow with Grandpa.

  • The fine art of snowball making

    The fine art of snowball making

    Obviously we had to end our introduction to snow with a quick tutorial on how to construct the perfect snowball – a relevant life skill to be sure. And the final verdict: Fern loved the snow! Next time we’ll have to find better gloves though so we can play longer!

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