Baby’s Day at the Parade

I love “firsts”. One of my most favorite things in all the world is watching Fern’s face as she’s experiencing something new for the first time and this weekend I had a chance to see another first as we took Fern to her first parade. Obviously I was in full photo-taking-mom mode. Sometimes I think Fern probably thinks I’m crazy for as often as I am waving my camera in her face. It was so cute seeing her excitement as the bright floats, kids and animals walked by. She loved the music and was flapping her arms excitedly the whole time. She wasn’t so sure about the candy being thrown our way, but she seemed pretty excited about the experience overall.

  • Getting her parade face on.

    Getting her parade face on.

    She was so excited by all the fun, new sights and smells.

  • "Mom! Don't make me pose!"

    There were so many exciting things to look at that Fern didn’t want to stop for picture posing.

  • Her first sticker experience

    Her first sticker experience

    Apparently the sticker that one of the police officers in the parade gave her. She was a fan.

  • "Ooooh! Doggies!"

    Fern’s absolute favorite part of the parade was the procession of dogs – she was kind of obsessed and kept flapping her arms and giggling in her excitement.

What are some of your favorite little “first moments” you’ve experienced with your little one?

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