Baby’s Day at the Children’s Museum

A few weeks ago, my friend mentioned that it was the perfect time to take my baby, “Pink” to the local children’s museum (which was the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum, in this case). Though she’s been before, she spent most of her time in the stroller — thanks to having two big brothers running around and not being able to walk. Well, now that she’s finally on the move, we went back, and it was such a wonderful day.

We ended with some rocking out in a dark room, lit only by disco lights, so I didn’t get a picture, but here were some of the reasons we can’t wait to go back.

  • Balls + Water = Perfection

    Balls + Water = Perfection

    My boys have always loved the water area, but I was surprised by how willing to dive in Pink was. She was dipping, splashing, throwing, and giggling like crazy. (Yes, we started here and quickly moved into the change of clothes I brought.)

  • Focused Fun

    Focused Fun

    After a ton of sensory stimulation elsewhere in the museum, Pink loved having a quiet space to measure, pour, and touch sand. Bonus points to our museum for making the sand sparkly and extra special to little ones.

What’s your favorite children’s museum?

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