Baby’s First Snow

My babies are both Florida babies, born and currently raised in sunny, hot, Central Florida. My husband and I were both born and partially raised on tropical islands in the Caribbean. Snow is not in our blood. In fact, snow is something each of us had only seen once in our lives – my husband having lived a brief winter in New York City and me only seeing snow a few days during a visit to Wisconsin. My children, though, had never seen snow…until this past week.

Baby's First Snowcopyright Melanie Edwards/modernmami


Over the last week we took a Christmas/winter vacation to northern Virginia with the hope that we’d see snow. At first, the outlook did not look favorable as the weather forecast called for some rain and cloudy days, but no snow. It seemed like everywhere just west of where we were staying had snow!

Luckily, our hotel did get some snowfall and we were able to stand outside like the Floridians we are to feel the snow falling on us. But, that was just a glimpse of the snow we’d be seeing – the end of the week brought us more opportunities to not only see snow, but play in it too!

By driving about an hour west of the hotel, we found a state park near the mountains that had a lot of snow. There, we were able to let the kids walk in the snow, touch the snow, make snowballs, and of course, build a snowman! Baby boy loved playing in the snow and you could truly see the excitement on his face as he explored this new find.

He was all about snowballs, asking us to make him more if one fell. It was great to see him embracing a new environment and having so much fun despite not being accustomed to the cold. Though he won’t remember his first snow experience, we have a lot of great memories and photos to relive the moment when he gets older!

How did your baby like his/her first time in the snow?

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