Baby Besties: Poppy & Fern

Even though my little Fern is only 13 months old, she already has a baby best friend named Poppy and these two have been going on adventures since they were just teeny tiny things. So, in honor of these baby besties, I thought I’d share a photo journey of their friendship thus far. I am looking forward to seeing them grow up together and looking forward to seeing their little personalities friendship emerge!

  • Baby Besties: Poppy & Fern

    Baby Besties: Poppy & Fern

    A journey of little best friends and their adventures together…

  • Just Lounging

    Just Lounging

    Poppy has encouraged Fern to embrace more feminine fashions since this photo was taken.

  • Matching Jammies

    Matching Jammies

    Poppy and Fern enjoy a good pair of matching PJs now and again. Big sister Alomae likes to get in on the action too.

  • Pre-Crawling


    Hard to believe these two were once so tiny!

  • A Day At the Beach

    A Day At the Beach

    Fern’s first experience with sand, and Poppy was there to share in it with her.

  • A Day At the Lake

    A Day At the Lake

    Poppy and Fern soaking up the sun (but mostly the shade) during a day spent at the lake.

  • Crawling Duo

    Crawling Duo

    Crawling around and getting into mischief at Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Chicken Gazing

    Chicken Gazing

    Fern loves Poppy’s chickens. They have fun standing at the back door gazing at them.

  • Sharing


    Learning to share is a process that these two are learning together.

  • Fairy Tales

    Fairy Tales

    Poppy and Fern: a kitty and fairy princess respectively. Dressed up for a fairy tale birthday party.

  • Back Seat Buddies

    Back Seat Buddies

    Car rides are infinitely more fun when you’re sitting near your best friend.

  • Nesting


    An adventure to the local children’s museum included some time in an eagle’s nest for Poppy and Fern.

  • Shopping


    Poppy and Fern like grocery shopping in Poppy’s playroom.

  • Dress Up

    Dress Up

    Playing dress-up is a favorite pastime for Poppy and Fern.

  • Hugs


    Fern was a little unsure about this hug, but has since embraced Poppy snuggles and often gives out her own hugs and kisses nowadays.

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