When Baby Goes to Grandpa’s

While I don’t want to move back to Utah, I love coming home to visit. The entire place is so familiar yet so new every time I get the chance to come back. One of the hardest things about living where we live is being so far away from any family. I treasure my time with my family and even more so I love seeing my girls interact with their grandparents. I had the privilege of speaking at a conference near my parents house which means my parents had the privilege of hanging out with Vivi for a week and a half. I love that babies fly free until two, but whew, it can be hard to fly with them.

It’s okay, because after the three hour flight of terror? We were here and able to enjoy how lovely Utah is and how wonderful it is to be with family. I know Vivi will never remember this trip, but I will, my parents will and someday she’ll see these photos and know that her family has loved her since before she even knew about.

  • Totally Tuckered

    Totally Tuckered

    By the time our flight landed in Utah it was 1 am EST and Vivi was absolutely exhausted. Thankfully she adjusted to MST without a problem.

  • Delicious Baby Thighs

    Delicious Baby Thighs

    They’re starting to thin out now that she’s crazy mobile, so I’m enjoying and documenting them while I still can.

  • Vivi Owning the Dance Floor

    Vivi Owning the Dance Floor

    Vivi came to the closing party of my conference and pretty much schooled everyone on the dance floor in proper dance moves.

  • Balloon Baby

    Balloon Baby

    There was a really talented balloon artist and in honor of Addie, we had a balloon butterfly made and Vivi took to it, chewed it, and popped it immediately. Oh well, I got this photo first.

  • Keeping the Baby Busy.

    Keeping the Baby Busy.

    When my dad remodeled the guest bathroom he put in a great farmhouse sink. I never realized just how handy it was until it came time to do my makeup with a baby running around.

  • Back and Forth, Up and Down

    Back and Forth, Up and Down

    When she wasn’t up for a walk up and down the street she enjoyed picking up tiny little pebbles and leaves in my dad’s driveway. My dad has a really good driveway.

  • Walking with Grandpa

    Walking with Grandpa

    This. This is what I miss the most about Utah: my girls being able to hang out with my parents doing nothing spectacular in particular. Vivi took a lot of walks on the street I grew up on with my parents.

  • Sweet Baby Bedhead

    Sweet Baby Bedhead

    I love sharing a room with this baby. She knows I’m in the room with her and as soon as she’s awake she shakes my bed and chirps at me to wake up and play with her. Her bedhead is legendary.

  • Skyping with Her Sister

    Skyping with Her Sister

    Normally it’s the three of us talking to my parents in Utah, but since Addie stayed behind for gymnastics camp it was the two of us talking to Addie each night. These two girls, they are magic.

  • Swinging with Grandpa

    Swinging with Grandpa

    Vivi and my dad have a super special relationship after spending four days together while I was at my conference. He may be tough, but he’s putty in her little baby hands.

  • Mopsy Topsy

    Mopsy Topsy

    Vivi’s hair has it’s own personality and it’s own life force. It’s one of the very best parts about her.

  • Vivi in the Fountain

    Vivi in the Fountain

    I would have NEVER let my first baby do this: head into a fountain fully clothed with no spare change of clothes? That’s ridiculous. Thankfully I relaxed a little between babies one and two (and she had a blast).

  • Thirsty Baby

    Thirsty Baby

    Vivi loves water, and thankfully she has had plenty while here. The desert climate and high altitude can wreak havoc on our Midwestern systems.



    My mom’s phone broke which meant a trip to the phone store, and guess what the phone store is to Vivi? THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. She cried when we had to leave. Huge fat baby crocodile tears.

  • Sneaky Baby Snuggles

    Sneaky Baby Snuggles

    Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the urge to pull Vivi out of her crib and snuggle the daylights out of her little sleeping body. Tuesday night I couldn’t resist the urge anymore.

  • Babywearing in a Package Store

    Babywearing in a Package Store

    So, my parents needed some red wine for a recipe they were making and I offered to pick some up but forgot you can’t just run into the grocery store to buy wine in Utah. So it was to the liquor store with baby in tow! We felt a little out of place.

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