Babies + Animals = Cuteness

Babies are cute. Animals are cute. Put them together and you have a total explosion of cuteness.

  • Babies + Animals = Cuteness

    Babies + Animals = Cuteness

    Nothing excites my baby quite like a fluffy animal can and when she beams with joy, I can’t help but snap pictures of the cuteness.

  • Free Range

    Free Range

    One of this little’s favorite things about play dates at her friends Poppy and Alomae’s house? Their free-range chickens that she can stare at out the back window.

  • Grandma's Cat

    Grandma's Cat

    Fern loves her Grandma’s kitty Bianca. On Fridays when she spends half of the day over there, she chases the cat around endlessly. Poor Bianca.

  • Dog Ears

    Dog Ears

    Dog ears are almost their own separate animal in Fern’s mind. She is forever trying to grab and pet and pull at poor Marley’s tall ears.

  • Baby Chick

    Baby Chick

    Fern was so excited about this chick that she wanted to squeeze it. Probably not the best idea. But, we did let her get a good, close-up look at the little guy.

  • Horse


    She was more excited about seeing the horse than taking the actual carriage ride when we went with her grandparents last month.

  • Chickens


    On a hike with a friend, we stopped to check out these chickens. Pretty sure she wanted to chase them.

  • Cheetah


    Fern posing precariously close to the cheetah at the zoo. Don’t worry. That’s some really thick glass!

  • Hani Friend

    Hani Friend

    This is our friend Lisa’s little dog Hani. Fern loves him, because he’s just her size.

  • Best Friends

    Best Friends

    Sharing a tender moment with her favorite fluffy animal: our German Shepherd, Marley.

  • Not real, but...

    Not real, but...

    So…this isn’t a real animal obviously, but it was all the same in Fern’s mind. Anything furry and fluffy and this girl is game!


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