Babies & Toddlers In Shopping Carts

Hello, my name is Selena and I have a problem.

I can’t stop taking pictures of my babies in shopping carts. On their own, but specifically together; it’s all just too darling.

I’ve been told by a few readers, friends and family…that they have noticed my penchant for taking such photos. They have also shared that they love them. That seeing them pop up in their Facebook feed or seeing them on my blog indeed makes their day.

I thought these adorable pictures might just make your day brighter too. (I’ve spared you from them all, just a few to elicit a smile.)

As I was putting them together, I really noticed how much Abby has caught up to her big bro in height! Things are about to get far less pushy around here I think. Wyndham better watch out!

Epic cuteness after the jump!


My Little Rockstars – Currently 34 (he) & 13 (she) Months Old

Thinking About World Domination Through Technological Revolution
30 (he) & 9 (she) months old

Their Very First Time
6 (she) & 27 (he) months old

Before His Sister Came Along (apparently enjoying a chocolate chip cookie)
25 months old

Do you have siblings close in age? What are some fun ways you like to capture them in moments together as they grow?

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