An Indoor Summer Activity for the Whole Family

This summer, our family has discovered bowling.

I don’t know why it never struck me before that this was an ideal outing even with the under-two crowd, but it’s perfect.

Bowling with a Toddler

The first time we went, I expected my nearly-four-year-old to enjoy it, but I didn’t think my 18-month-old would care at all.


I was so wrong!

She absolutely loved it. She would happily push her ball down the ramp and then clap and stamp her feet, screeching with excitement as she watched her ball knock down the pins.

Between a super light bowling ball, the bowling ramp, and bumpers, my girls score surprisingly well, and it’s fun for them.

We’ve been to a couple of different alleys and neither of them had shoes small enough for my little girls, so they just wore their own shoes. It also meant it cost only $2.50 for each of them to bowl a full game, so it’s a really affordable activity too.

Plus, I’m getting a little better the more we go, which makes it extra fun for me.

If you’re looking to get out of the sun and spend time as a family, try it out!

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