Adventures with Lola: Visiting the Beach


This month we took Lola to the beach – twice! We had been to the beach before but weren’t able play in the sand. Our first beach visit was an impromptu trip. We were going to go to the outlet mall and ended up stopping at the pier. We didn’t pack swimsuits or towels but my oldest and I couldn’t resist putting our toes in the sand or the water. Prior to heading to the beach I imagined what Lola’s first real beach experience would be like. I couldn’t wait to see her little toes in the sand. She on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get her little toes out of the sand. That trip was a reminder that not everything will go as planned. Sometimes you will have to alter plans, finding a way to still make the most of special family time but perhaps just in a different way. Although things weren’t quite how I pictured it, it was still a fun trip and a reminder that sometimes you just have to take your little one’s lead and let them know that you hear them and are listening.

Our second trip to the beach was also a lot of fun. Sand was no longer foreign or unfamiliar; the beach had the potential to be fun. And it was the second time around. Take a look at a few photos from our beach day adventures:

  • Adventures with Lola: Visiting the beach

    Adventures with Lola: Visiting the beach

    Take a look at photos of Lola visiting the beach.

  • Swinging


    I love that one of our favorite beaches to visit has a play area. Lola is a fan of swings so anytime we are somewhere with one we always take some time to let her enjoy it.

  • Not sure about this

    Not sure about this

    Lola was a little hesitant to put her feet in the sand. It was an unfamiliar feeling and she didn’t like it at first.

  • Wet toes

    Since she wasn’t a fan of the sand we decided to try the water. Again, Lola was a little hesitant. This was very different than bath time or swimming in the pool but she loved watching her sister chase the tide.

    Adventures With Lola: An Afternoon at the Pool

  • Sandy toes

    Sandy toes

    Her tiny toes look so cute covered in sand.

  • A second attempt

    A second attempt

    The next weekend we went on a family beach day. This time we had our beach essentials. Lola was no longer afraid of the sand and our biggest challenge was getting her to not eat it.

  • Wearing her hat

    Wearing her hat

    Now that Lola is older, getting her to keep her hat on was quite a challenge. Taking it off was much more fun for her than keeping it on.

  • Holding on

    Holding on

    Initially, Lola held on to me very tightly when we went out to the water.

  • Standing next to mama

    Standing next to mama

    Once she was more comfortable she let me put her down and hold her hands. I love this photo of her looking out into the ocean.

  • Mama and baby toes

    Mama and baby toes

    Standing on her tippy toes after feeling the cold water.

  • Sunset snuggles

    Sunset snuggles

    When the night came, we all sat around a bonfire making s’mores. That night, she fell asleep in my arms alongside the glow of the fire. It was the sweetest ending to our beach day adventures to date.

You can see a really cute video of Lola trying out a new way of swinging here. Is your little one a fan of the beach?

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