Adventures With Lola: An Afternoon at the Farm

I wanted to start a series here where I share some of the little (and local) adventures my family and I go on with our Littlest Miss in tow. Despite the fact that our children share a significant age gap and Lola is only 7 1/2 months old we have managed to go on outings that the entire family can enjoy. Although Lola might be limited in what she can do as she gets older she shows more interest in the world around her and displays a desire to move beyond the confines of her stroller or carrier. There are lots of places to take your baby that you may not initially think of as baby friendly. They may not necessarily be geared toward the littlest of littles but that doesn’t mean they can’t join in on the family fun.

A recent trip to the farm resulted in a happy inquisitive baby and some great family memories. Here are some photos from our afternoon:


  • Adventures With Lola: An Afternoon at the Farm

    Adventures With Lola: An Afternoon at the Farm

    Click through to find out what Lola did during her trip to the farm.

  • A Tractor Ride

    A Tractor Ride

    We rode the tractor to the strawberry fields to pick some fruit. Sadly there were none left to pick but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the ride. Lola seemed to love the breeze against her chubby cheeks and she made friends with other babies who were riding with their mamas.

  • Exploring Textures and Scents With Veggies

    Exploring Textures and Scents With Veggies

    Lola loved seeing the different vegetables. I let her touch the soil and vegetables and told her about each one. She would rub them in between her fingers, perhaps noticing the difference in textures and smells. Sensory play at its finest! She did attempt to eat some but settled for touching them instead.

  • She Likes It

    She Likes It

    If she wasn’t smiling and laughing she was alongside me exploring. We sat on the ground as I showed her a variety of vegetables. It was a reminder of how important it is to let children (even the littlest ones) get their hands and clothes dirty sometimes.

  • Back to the Lettuce

    Back to the Lettuce

    She touched carrots, a radish, and a few other fresh veggies but she seemed to enjoy the lettuce most. Perhaps it was all the salads I ate while she was swimming around in my belly.

  • Taking a Break in the Wagon

    Taking a Break in the Wagon

    In my head I thought it would be so cute to have Lola take a photo in the wagon but she was too busy trying to eat some veggies. I gave up on trying to get her to look at the camera and took lots of mental pictures instead.

  • Some Snuggles With Mommy

    Some Snuggles With Mommy

    I live for moments like this. The bigger she gets the less time she spends with her head resting on my shoulder. It was nice to share some snuggles before walking over to see the animals.

  • Watching the Farm Animals

    Watching the Farm Animals

    I will forever wonder what she was thinking as she watched the farm animals. She would smile and stare, occasionally looking over at her big sister or me. I know the day will come when she will be able to pet and feed the baby animals but for now she just watches, taking in all the wonder that surrounds her.

  • Adventures Should Be Fun

    Adventures Should Be Fun

    With Lola I am learning to adjust my expectations. Things won’t always go as planned but you make adjustments and move on. Sure we didn’t get to play more or pick strawberries (our primary reason for going) but we got to pick lettuce, carrots and celery, see animals, and spend time together. You may not be able to do everything on your agenda but as long as you make it a point to have fun that’s what counts. Besides, the great thing about local adventures is that you can easily come back for more (family) fun!


It’s a big world out there but grownups and big kids aren’t the only ones who should be enjoying it. Although Lola will be able to do more of the farm’s activities as she gets older, it’s important to me that she has a chance to engage in family activities now. Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to bring an end to family adventures. You simply learn to improvise by creating activities or moments that your littlest love can enjoy too. You can see a couple more photos from our outing (which happened to be on Easter weekend) on my Instagram feed or my blog. In the meantime do share — Have you ever taken your baby to the farm?

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