A Trip to the Zoo: Last Year vs. This Year

This past weekend, I took my toddler to the zoo for the second time. We had taken her when she was six months old, and while it was fun, she wasn’t particularly enamored by the experience. Fast forward to this year going to the zoo with a 20-month-old animal lover…it was so much fun! She ran around everywhere and was truly mesmerized by it all. I thought it would be fun to take a look at the photos from this trip, compared with the ones from a year ago. She was so tiny! Check it out…

  • A Trip to the Zoo: Last Year vs. This Year

    A Trip to the Zoo: Last Year vs. This Year

    A look at a trip to the zoo with a 6-month-old vs. a trip to the zoo with a 20-month-old. Look how tiny she was last year! And look at how wiggly she was this year!

  • Trying to get to them

    Trying to get to them

    The sea lions were the fan favorite at the zoo this year. Fern kept pressing herself up against the glass in an effort to get just a little closer.

  • Up close and personal

    Up close and personal

    When she was finally able to see the sea lion’s face, she laughed with pure joy and elation. She was so happy!

  • Up close with cheetahs

    Up close with cheetahs

    Last year’s up-close shot was taken with cheetahs. They were so close, but Fern was totally oblivious.

  • The bears were a hit

    The bears were a hit

    Last year, the bears were Fern’s favorite. They made her giggle, and they were honestly one of the only animals she could actually really see, since they’re black and massive. They played in their water trough which she found quite hilarious.

  • Still a fan of the bears

    Still a fan of the bears

    Fern still loved the bears this year and they were out right where she could see them! The downside was that she is so fast-moving this year that I didn’t really catch a good photo of her checking them out.

  • All about the penguins

    All about the penguins

    Aside from the bears, the penguins were Fern’s other favorite last year, although this year she didn’t really seem all that into them. I guess the sea lions were more interesting.

  • Wheels


    The stroller was where Fern spent most of her time at the zoo last year. She wasn’t walking yet, so she was pushed all around. Definitely different from this year, when she ran everywhere!

  • Climbing on everything

    Climbing on everything

    In true toddler fashion, Fern spent much of our zoo trip climbing on any and everything she could possibly think of.

  • Last year's ride

    Last year's ride

    Last year Fern did a little posing on a ride-on horse too, but she needed a little extra help back then.

  • Lion tamer

    Lion tamer

    Fern had a blast with these little bronze lion statues at the zoo and would’ve happily climbed all over them for the rest of the day.

  • Nesting


    Last year she had her cousin Harlow with her to enjoy all the animal sights and sounds.

  • Ahhhh!


    Being silly with Grandpa. Fern thought this was pretty funny.

  • "Grandpa! Sit down!"

    She was quite insistent that my dad join her in sitting on the lions and kept saying “Grandpa! Sit down!” until he obliged.

  • Tandem lion rides

    Tandem lion rides

    Then Fern wanted to join Grandpa on the big lioness.

  • All tired out

    All tired out

    At the end of the day after so much walking and excitement, Fern was all tired out and took the longest nap that she has in ages! Thank goodness for the zoo!

  • Sleepy girl

    Sleepy girl

    I guess, even one year later, not much changed. At the end of our busy, fun-filled zoo adventure Fern was still pretty wiped out.

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