A Toddler’s Guide to Downtown Disney

I took our son to Downtown Disney this morning to pick up a birthday gift for someone special. It was his first trip, and while we didn’t have a ton of time to spend, we stopped by the hot spots and he put together this little guide to share with all the other toddlers out there to the must see at the Marketplace (cupcakes included!).

  • The One Year Old's Guide to Downtown Disney!

    The One Year Old's Guide to Downtown Disney!

    Click through to see all my son’s favorite spots at the Disney Marketplace from his first visit!

  • Take It All In!

    Take It All In!

    There’s so much to see, take a moment to look around! There are lots of character statues and other things hidden all throughout the walkways that are fun to take photos of and with.

  • Check Out the HUGE Lego Creatures!

    Check Out the HUGE Lego Creatures!

    This one was our favorite – the dragon in the water. If you wait long enough you might see him breathe smoke!

  • Build Something Cool

    Build Something Cool

    Outside the Lego shop are a bunch of play areas where both toddlers and big kids can build and create things of all kinds. We loved hanging out there for a bit!

  • Take a Breather

    Take a Breather

    There are great benches all over – and these were our favorites because they had huge flowers coming out from the ground behind them.



    One of our favorite bakeries of all time is in the Disney Marketplace and they have allergy friendly goodies so Mama gets to partake in the fun! Of course we picked some out.

  • Sharing is (No) Fun

    Sharing is (No) Fun

    Mama loves cupcakes too so sharing is the way to go… at least for the first bite…

  • Dig Into A Cupcake All Your Own

    Dig Into A Cupcake All Your Own

    …but it’s more fun to take the whole cupcake for yourself! And smoosh the icing all over your face. And get crumbs everywhere!!!

  • Don't Forget To Pet the

    Don't Forget To Pet the "Goggies"

    On the way out, make sure to stop and pet the Lego “goggies” and maybe get a photo or two. They’re nice, we promise!

  • That Was Fun!

    That Was Fun!

    It’s always fun at the most magical place on Earth. Now time to fall asleep!


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