A Little Nemo for the Nursery

When it comes to baby gear, there are two features that are definite preferences of mine: items that can be used for more than one purpose, and items that fold down small for easy carrying and storage. The new Finding Nemo Fins & Friends Square Playard and Fins & Friends Portable Swing meet my specifications to a T. The playard provides plenty of space to play, but folds down to a manageable size when it’s time to take along on a trip or simply store when not in use. The swing moves steadily and is quiet, featuring an interactive toy for when baby is awake, as well as both melodies and nature sounds to help soothe. It folds flat when not in use, making carrying and storage a breeze. Both would work for a boy or a girl, which means that you can use each for more than one child or pass them on to someone else when you no longer need them, knowing that any baby would be lucky to play among these cute fishes.

  • Finding Nemo Fins & Friends Square Playard

    This square playard provides plenty of space to play or to sleep. At 36″ inches square, it’s got plenty of space to play, and plenty of fun friends to investigate. For nap time or night time when you’re traveling, the padded mattress keeps your baby comfortable. When it’s not in use, it can be stored in the included travel bag.

    Available for purchase at Walmart

  • Finding Nemo Fins & Friends Portable Swing

    This portable swing is loaded with features! From the technology that makes it swing steadier and quieter than many swings, to the eight melodies and three nature sounds (volume control included!) to soothe your baby, it’s got a lot more than might be expected from a swing that can fold flat and be carried with one hand.

    Available for purchase at Walmart



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