9 Fun Father and Baby Outing Ideas!

Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut or a routine. I know that for us, we can tend to do the same activities over and over just because they are simple or familiar. We try to make sure that my husband has time with our son and so far, they’ve gone on quite a few adventures together. I rounded up some photos of the two of them doing fun stuff in hopes to inspire your family with 9 fun ideas for outings with baby…

  • Click Through For A Bunch of Fun Father/Baby Outings To Try!

    Click Through For A Bunch of Fun Father/Baby Outings To Try!

    I’ve compiled 9 super fun outings that fathers and babies can go on together. Plus, at the end I’ve got a link to EVEN MORE great outing ideas! Click through to see them all.

  • Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

    Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

    Take baby out to a local sporting event. For us, that meant a Devil Ray’s baseball game. Dad even bought a little baby baseball cap so our son could show his team spirit!

  • Have Fun in the Sun

    Have Fun in the Sun

    For us, that means pools and beaches but you can have fun in the sun even if you’re landlocked. Slap on the sunscreen, fill up an inflatable pool, or play in the sprinklers if your kids are a bit older.

  • Leaders are Readers

    Leaders are Readers

    Have Dad take baby out to the local library. The kids section is full of fun books and colors and sometimes even toys. Most local branches have special programs for kids too. Our local library does a “storytime” for babies that is full of songs and puppets.

  • Go Treasure Hunting

    Go Treasure Hunting

    We love to shop for vintage and antique cameras so heading out to one of the flea markets or antique shops is a fun little excursion. Bonus points if you find an awesome and inexpensive trinket to bring home to mama!

  • Share a Hobby

    Share a Hobby

    My husband is a drummer so he’s been spending time in our drum room with our son teaching him the basics. What kid doesn’t love to bang on things that make noise right?

  • Look for Birds

    Look for Birds

    Heading out to the local bird sanctuary can be lots of fun. We have a place locally that nurses birds of prey back to health. Our son got to see huge owls, eagles, and falcons up close. Most cities have bird sanctuaries you can check out and admission is usually inexpensive.

  • Go Grocery Shopping

    Go Grocery Shopping

    This isn’t a super fun one, unless you’re dorks like us and you like shopping for food, but it is a nice way to give mom some time alone at home while you also take an errand off her hands.

  • Play in the Park!

    Play in the Park!

    Getting out of the house and enjoying the fresh air is extra simple when you head to a fun public park. Take a walk, play on the swings, and enjoy the breeze.

  • Get to Work!

    Get to Work!

    If your job allows it, it can be fun to take your baby along with you on a job. We are photographers by trade so sometimes my husband will strap on our baby carrier and take our son along on a shoot just for fun.

  • Get Even More Great Ideas Here...

    Get Even More Great Ideas Here...

    Head on over to this past Disney Baby article for even more ideas for father/baby bonding time. Click the link below to head over and be inspired!
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