8 Toys To Keep Your Baby Entertained At Someone Else’s House

If you have a baby that is beyond the newborn stage, you will understand how difficult it can be to take your baby to other people’s houses. When babies are tiny they are perfectly happy to just eat, sleep and poop, but as they get older it takes a little more than that to keep them happy and entertained and most of the time your friends and family won’t be equipped with baby gear or toys for you to use. Because of this, planning ahead and bringing along your own forms of baby entertainment is essential. With the holidays coming up many people will be traveling and heading out to the homes of friends and family, so I thought it was timely to share a few toys that will help you make it through the holiday season with your sanity and a happy baby.


  • 8 Toys To Keep Your Baby Entertained At Someone Else's House

    8 Toys To Keep Your Baby Entertained At Someone Else's House

    During the holiday season (or really anytime) you’re going to be out and about at other people’s houses and it’s quite possible (read: likely) that these people won’t have proper baby entertainment available for your little one, so it’s important to think ahead and bring along your own methods of baby entertainment. Here are 8 toys that are easily packed and will keep your little one entertained while you attend to holiday tasks.

  • Fisher Price Growing Baby Folding Activity Gym

    Fisher Price Growing Baby Folding Activity Gym

    This is great for babies that aren’t yet sitting up (and even for those who are sitting and not yet crawling) and will keep them entertained while you finish up with holiday meal prep. It folds up easily so you can move it to whatever room you find yourself in.

    Purchase from YoYo

  • Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes

    Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes

    Babies love all things musical and this little gadget plays music and as an added bonus it even lights up! I use this to entertain Fern every time we’re in Target and it works like a charm.

    Purchase from Amazon

  • Zoolio Rainforest by Manhattan Toy

    Zoolio Rainforest by Manhattan Toy

    This little travel case holds six activity panels that baby will love. Although it states that this toy is for ages 18+ month because of the focused find motor activities inside (buttons, zips, etc…), the bright colors, soft fabrics and crinkly textures would make it just as fun for a much younger baby as well.

    Purchase from Cow & Lizard

  • Hello Baby Mirror Cloth Book

    Hello Baby Mirror Cloth Book

    Maybe babies are narcissists or maybe they just like shiny things, but whatever the case books with mirrors seem to be the end all be all in entertainment for my baby and quite a few babies I know. Throw this mirror book with it’s high contrast images in Baby’s diaper bag and you’ll buy yourself a good 20 minutes for potato peeling.

    Purchase from Amazon

  • Sassy Ring 'O Links Developmental Toy

    Sassy Ring 'O Links Developmental Toy

    These are a great purchase for many reasons: 1. They’re cheap, 2. They make noise, 3. You can take them apart and dangle them to change it up (because, babies obviously like variety), 4. They’re colorful, 5. They’re a fun sensory experience – each one has a different texture, and 6. Did I mention they’re cheap?

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  • Rhino Toys O-Ball Rattle

    Rhino Toys O-Ball Rattle

    Babies love these things! When they’re smaller, it’s one of the few toys they can actually manage to keep a grip on and when they’re bigger they’re fun to throw and shake. The possibilities for distraction during a holiday gathering are endless.

    Purchase from Amazon

  • Klappar Cirkus Finger Puppet Set

    Klappar Cirkus Finger Puppet Set

    Small and foldable or you can even throw just the finger puppets in your purse for an impromptu puppet show whenever the mood strikes. Make silly voices for each puppet – your baby will love it!

    Purchase from IKEA

  • Peekaboo Barn App

    Peekaboo Barn App

    If all else fails, download the Peekaboo Barn app to your phone or iPad. It won’t let you down. This app is so simple my 9-month old can use it. She loves swiping her finger across the barn and seeing the barn door open to reveal the various farm animals and their sounds. It’s definitely a winner in our book.

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How do you keep your little one entertained at other people’s houses?


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