5 Unique Ways to Put Your Receiving Blankets to Use

Receiving blankets are an absolute must-have for your baby. Besides using them for their obvious use, these blankets are indispensable and can come in handy even when your babies are out of diapers. I have some of my own receiving blankets from when I was a baby that are still going strong!

Wash after wash, these breathable cotton blankets just get softer the more you use them. Since the fabric is so great for Baby’s skin, I cut up some of my older ones, serged the edges and used them as reusable baby wipes when I was cloth diapering my babies. They were super soft and washed up nicely. I also made a few additional ‘wipes’ for myself as I find the fabric gentler than my usual makeup wipes.

If you have ever wondered what else you can do with these great flannel blankets, I’ll give you some of my own suggestions. I always carry 2 in my diaper bag and a spare in the car just in case. ;)

  • 1. Sun Shade

    1. Sun Shade

    Infant Car Seats are fabulous for outings as you can simply carry them anywhere you choose. Although the shade protects your baby from the sun for the most part, I found that additional protection was needed at times and our receiving blanket always did the trick.

  • 4. Playmat

    4. Playmat

    Now that my son is almost a year old, he plays in the grass with abandon. However, in the early months, I was a bit leery of putting him in the grass as his sister has allergies and… well you never know. The receiving blanket doubled up as a great ‘blanket’ for picnics or outdoor playtime.

    Pictured: Disney It’s A Small World True Blue “Hello!” Ultimate Receiving Blanket® by SwaddleDesigns

  • 2. Nursing Cover

    2. Nursing Cover

    I can’t even tell you how many times I used a receiving blanket as a nursing cover. It does double duty as well, because after your baby has finished nursing, you can use it for the next suggestion.

    Pictured: Disney It’s A Small World Very Berry “Sun & Lambs” Ultimate Receiving Blanket® by SwaddleDesigns

  • 3. Burp Cloth

    3. Burp Cloth

    You know how cooks usually have some sort of towel thrown over their shoulder? During the first few months of our baby’s lives, my husband and I could always be found with a receiving blanket on each of our shoulders. It protected our clothes from spit up and we always had a cloth on hand to wipe up drool or ‘spilt milk’ ;-).

    Pictured: FINDING NEMO 4-Pack Receiving Blankets

  • 5. Stroller Cover

    5. Stroller Cover

    Receiving blankets make great stroller covers and block the sun while baby sleeps during your strolls.

    Pictured: Pooh and Friends Soft and Cozy 3-Pack Receiving Blankets

As you can see, they really are indispensable! What is your favorite way to use a receiving blanket?

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