5 Things Our Baby Will Miss About the Summer

Do you think it’s a bit early for such a post? One that laments the passing of summer? I don’t. I mean I do in that it’s only August 15, but I also don’t because four of our five kids are already in school. And the other one is just a baby and therefore doesn’t go to school, so to this parent summer is, indeed, over.

And I, for one, am sad about it. And if our baby could talk, I bet he’d say he was sad about it, too. If not now, at least in a week or two he would. Because by then he’d realize that he’s no longer doing things he got to do all summer. And I’m telling you — he’s gonna miss the five following things:

  • Swimming


    Seems pretty obvious, no? He’ll miss swimming. This despite the fact he’s more of a floater than a swimmer.

  • Playgrounds


    I know. There’s still plenty of time to go to the playground before it gets cold, right? Technically, yes. But between tending to the transportation needs of our four school-aged kids as well as to our busy schedules, time gets harder and harder to come by this time of year. Which means playgrounds do, too.

  • Bike Rides

    Bike Rides

    Did you bust me? Have you realized that’s a different baby than in the previous two pictures? If so, good for you! That’s actually my son, Jack, when he was a baby. He loved bike rides as a baby, just like our current baby, Luke. I just don’t have any pics of Luke on a bike. But that doesn’t mean he won’t miss bike rides. Because he will. And if you didn’t realize that was a picture of a different baby? Never mind, then. Carry on.

  • The beach

    The beach

    I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how many times Luke went to the beach this summer, but suffice it to say that at some point, probably quite soon, he’s gonna wonder where all that sand went. Because he love-love-loves the beach. And who can blame him?

  • His brothers and sisters

    His brothers and sisters

    But you know what loves even more than the beach? His two big sisters and two big brothers. And now that they’re at school, I have a feeling our little guy’s gonna get kinda lonely. On the other hand, at least he won’t have to share his mama. So he’s got that going for him.

What’s your baby going to miss about the summer?

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