5 Things I Love About My Baby

Some days with babies can be challenging. There are days when they are teething and grumpy and sometimes you feel so overwhelmed and tired that you just want to cry. I had a day like that yesterday and instead of being frustrated with my baby (really, she was probably having just as hard of a day as I was), I decided to stop and think about some things that I really love about her and it kind of worked like magic in changing my attitude.

  • 1. Her love for trying new things

    1. Her love for trying new things

    Riding in a grocery cart, eating seaweed, or hanging out with penguins at the zoo…anything new and this girl is game. I love seeing her excitement over every new experience she has.

  • 2. Her independent spirit

    2. Her independent spirit

    Fern LOVES playing by herself. Sometimes she’ll even get fussy if she doesn’t get enough alone time! Even though it sometimes makes me a little sad to see her so independent, it’s such a great quality.

  • 3. Her love of books

    3. Her love of books

    Give Fern a book and you’ve got yourself a happy girl. She loves to sit and read with her daddy before bed each night and it’s one of the sweetest moments in my day.

  • 4. Her sense of wonder

    4. Her sense of wonder

    I love how Fern will sit and examine the things around her. It’s as if she’s always trying to figure out how things work and I can almost see the wheels turning in her head as she marvels over objects and environment. I suppose this is maybe just a commonality of babies, but I love seeing it in her nonetheless.

  • 5. That she's my little buddy

    5. That she's my little buddy

    I know there will come a day when she’ll want her space from me, but for now I am so thankful that as far as Fern is concerned, the sun rises and sets with me. She would spend every second with me if she could and I love having a little buddy to take along with me on all of my daily adventures. Some days it’s challenging when she doesn’t want to leave my side, but I know it’s only for a moment so I’m soaking it up while I can.

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