3 Tips for Going Outside During Winter

Every year I loathe winter. At first it seems kind of fun to have an excuse to stay inside under the covers and eat comfort food but after about a week I’m wishing for warmer days. I knew this year would be especially challenging now that I have a busy baby who loves nothing more than being out and about. So this winter I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to go outside every day where the temperature is above freezing. A little bit of vitamin D and a little bit of exercise is cure for cabin fever.

Here’s three tips on how to make getting out of the house with baby easier:

  • Have the Right Equipment

    Have the Right Equipment

    Knowing fair well that we’d have Denver winter ahead of us, I knew I wanted a stroller that could handle less than ideal terrain. We’ve been trying out the Bugaboo Cameleon3 this last month and it handles the ice and snow patches smoothly. Knowing I have a good stroller makes it easier to get outside for a little walk. Thank goodness we haven’t dipped too low on the thermometer yet.

  • Check the Temp and Bundle

    Check the Temp and Bundle

    I try and leave at the warmest and sunniest part of the day, usually early afternoon. And I’ve learned it’s all about strategic, layered clothing. I love fleece lined jeans and warm hoods that are hard to yank off.

  • Plan One Doable Outing a Day

    Plan One Doable Outing a Day

    If I know the weather will allow a short outing every day that week, I make sure to split up my errands or activities so there’s at least one reason to get out of the house each day. I try to keep them fairly short, knowing that the extra bundling will take time. Here Beck was helping me deliver treats to a neighbor.

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