25 Amazing Babywearing Images From Around The World

International Babywearing Week is nearly over. Sunday will bring close to a fantastic week of events, sling meets, art exhibits and demonstrations from around the world.

I can’t think of a better way to participate and celebrate by sharing this collection of amazing babywearing images and quotes from our readers across the globe…and some of our own writers here on Disney Baby!

  • Diana


    “There are so many reasons to wear babies. Nature intended us to keep our babies on our chests for the better part of their first year, and when we bow to nature’s greater wisdom on the subject, we are rewarded by seeing our babies thrive as they were evolutionarily designed to do. Perhaps the most persuasive babywearing benefit, it is convenient. Moms need ten hands to handle their own needs, their homes, and their babies. Anything that makes life easier for moms is a wonderful thing!”
    Join Diana’s page on Facebook, Wrap You Baby it’s a great resource for new moms!

  • Erin


    Erin is a contributor here on Disney Baby who shares this personal insight, “When Bee was a newborn, nothing would soothe her quite like a snuggled up walk in her carrier. We have this one to thank for our sanity and a [rare] peaceful, quiet break in the day!”
    Check out Erin’s highly popular blog Design For Mankind

  • Us


    A couple of my favourite babywearing images from the vault. The things I love most about babywearing are the convenience of being hands-free and how comforted my little ones always are when I wear them. It would appear as though the mister’s not complaining either.

  • Rose


    Rose is a Canadian babywearing ( model living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with her two children, who is young, feisty and ready to spread the word of babywearing. “My baby Falko is worn for convenience and motherly liberation; I can do anything with him on my back.”
    For more stunning imagery, visit her Facebook page Carry Them

  • Kate


    Kate is an old friend all the way back from high-school. My, but that’s a long time ago. She’s a beautiful mom, as seen here taking in all of the luxuries this past spring at Walt Disney World. “I love being able to carry my baby around in a baby carrier as it can go anywhere!! My stroller is not as flexible…plus, she sometimes fights getting in the stroller, but loves being up high, snuggling her mama!”

  • Jen


    DB’s own Jen with her adorable (seriously munchable) little girl. Thanks for sending these in Jen!
    Check out Jen’s personal blog Jen Loves Kev

  • Dory & Her Mister (and babies)

    Dory & Her Mister (and babies)

    Dory is a longtime internet friend of mine who lives in Maine with her beautiful family. She runs a couple of busy Esty Shops, and of course – she makes slings.
    Check out her goodies at Worthy Goods

  • Rachel


    Rachel is another mompreneur who makes the most GORGEOUS slings. “Babywearing is super important for me, not only because it makes my life with four kids way more manageable, but because it insures that I am meeting all of my child’s emotional and physical needs at once.”
    Be sure to check out her online shop Lily Carriers

  • Who Is This Guy?

    Who Is This Guy?

    That would be my partner. Rocking it as per usual. Although the picture to the left is a little too much right? Love you honey.

  • Fierce


    This picture says it all. Hands free, strong and happy.
    Photo Courtesy Carry Them

  • Celina & Her Daughters

    Celina & Her Daughters

    Celina is an amazing Inuit throat singer, who is one of the most natural, nurturing mothers I have ever met. She inspires me daily. That’s her to the right flower shopping with her new little baby on her back and her middle daughter to the right wearing her sister. So sweet.
    If you want to see her about to sing for the Queen (yes, of England) You should probably click here.You can learn more about Celina and her music

  • Kelli


    “I wear my babies for so many reasons. Babywearing allows me to keep my baby close to me, allowing plenty of snuggles and kisses. I think everyone feels like they want to just sit and hold their newborn, and you feel guilty when you put them down to get something done. When I wear my babies, I can do both! I can accomplish almost any task, while spending one on one time with my baby. I can cook, vacuum, do laundry, and homeschool the bigger kids while giving the baby the bonding time they need with mama.”
    You can find Kelli on her blog collective The Mommy Dialogues

  • Brian & Eden

    Brian & Eden

    These two jokers are my buds IRL. Eden is a
    baker babe/cookie mogul (there is indeed such a thing), who says, “Where the heck else would I put my baby?” (Indeed). Her husband is a seriously talented musician, part-time snow yeti and hobbyist comedian.
    Check out Eden’s writing on The Adventures of Baker Babe

  • Aura


    Aura is my bud Eden’s sister – awesome mama to 2. ” I feel more connected to my little one when I can feel her warmth and heart beat against me during activities when she is on the ergo.”
    Photo Courtesy Black Market Preserves

  • Dory & Her Wee ones

    Dory & Her Wee ones

    Nothing but cute going on here. This whole family is dimpled, brainy and artistically talented beyond. Known as the Baby-sling-makin-wearin-momma, she has this to say on the topic, “We do some really serious bonding, just by being close enough to gaze into one another’s eyes.” It’s in the simple things, right?
    Check out Dory’s Worthy Goods Textile Blog

  • Papa Babywearing all the Way From The Netherlands

    Papa Babywearing all the Way From The Netherlands

    This is the gorgeous Rose’s husband, who’s been featured in this collection a couple of times. Clearly he’s got this babywearing and fathering thing down.
    Photo Courtesy Carry Them

  • Moar Baby Daddies!

    Moar Baby Daddies!

    This one right here is my sister’s man (that’s right my girl – we can indeed call each-other sisters) wearing their adorable daughter River during what looks to be like a grand adventure. “When she was a younger baby it helped with napping, and now that she’s a toddler I enjoy it because she does, and because I get to be hands-free.” You may recognize River from around here, her mama is Arianne, who
    blogs here on DB. We’re not technically sisters, as far as blood-lines go, but you know – the internets. There is a sisterhood.

  • Casey


    Another one of DB’s writers,
    Casey had this to say, “I absolutely love baby wearing. I love to wear my little ones and now as a mama of three it is a great way to wear my newborn and still be able to chase and play with my toddlers!”
    Check out her lovely personal blog The Wiegands

  • FYI: This Is How It's Done Dads

    FYI: This Is How It's Done Dads

    This is the husband of Georgia. We’ve featured her photography and babywearing here a couple of times because it is SO beautiful.
    Photo Courtesy Documenting Delight

  • Winning More Brownie Points in Australia

    Winning More Brownie Points in Australia

    Some more beautiful photography from Documenting Delight. This is one inspiring Babyweraing Family!
    Even the little ones.



    So funny. So true. More genius from Georgia over at Documenting Delight.
    Learn more about why Georgia loves baby and toddlerwearing so much.

  • Kelli & Georgia

    Kelli & Georgia

    This would be me, bringing women together on the internets since 2009. They haven’t met each-other, but I could not resist from pairing these shots side by side. All that newborn deliciousness makes me pine for another. I know.
    Visit Kelli’s shop TMD
    Visit Georgia on her blogDocumenting Delight

  • Amanda


    This is the lovely Amanda and her daling little girl being worn both in good health and in bad. One of the best benefits to babywearing is when baby is sick and mama is still able to get stuff done while comforting their little one. “With a newborn, I instinctually want to keep them close. I love the closeness we share in the early months with Babywearing.”
    Learn more about Amanda and her family over on Crunchy Candid

  • I Just Had To...

    I Just Had To...

    Ya feel me right? These 2 pictures clearly belong together. Obviously the one to the left is a parody. But the one on the left? Pure fatherly awesomeness.
    The two da’s rockin’ it was sent in by Amanda of Crunchy Candid
    The ridiculous cowboy picture is courtesy Carry Them

  • Old Pals

    Old Pals

    Abby and I to the right, my good friend Angie and her sweet pea Autumn to the left. Angie just had a brand new baby boy a mere 2 days ago and still found time to send this in! Happy Babywearing!

If you’re a Toddler-wearing enthusiast, be sure to check out this collection!


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