15 Reasons to Love Walks with a Little One

The weather in Texas is gorgeous right now, and we’re taking advantage of it as much as possible. Most days, I try to take my little girls for a walk outside, but on a really good day, we squeeze in two walks. We are lucky to live near a wooded trail and a little river, plus we’re within walking distance of a park, a dog play area, and . . . the mailbox. Obviously, the mailbox is the one we visit the most frequently. It’s such a nice little break in our day to get outside, no matter what our destination is.

Here are fifteen reasons I love our strolls:

  • Quick and Easy

    Quick and Easy

    I love that a walk with my girls takes almost no preparation at all. We put shoes on, toss the baby in the stroller, and lock the front door. Easy!

  • Togetherness


    A walk is a great time for us to just be together as a family.

  • Accessories!


    A walk on a sunny day gives us a chance to pull out our very stylin’ sunglasses.

  • Wildlife


    For my little girl, nothing could be more exciting than seeing a squirrel or a bird. I’ll admit, even I get a little giddy when we spot a bunny (although I’m less enthused by the armadillos).

  • Burn Some Energy

    Burn Some Energy

    I’ve noticed that, if we go right before naps or bedtimes, everyone (including me!) sleeps much more soundly. Win-win!

  • Master Motor Skills

    Master Motor Skills

    Walks are great ways to practice big motor skills like walking, pushing, and pulling, and fine motor skills, by picking up rocks, poking dirt with a stick, and gathering leaves or acorns.

  • Friends


    It’s a great way to get to know our neighbors – we love to stop by the homes of various friends and say a quick hello. On a lucky day, they might even join us for part of our walk!

  • A New View

    A New View

    Even my baby who can’t walk or even sit up yet, can enjoy a new view of her world from the comfort of her stroller.

  • Multi-tasking


    A walk is good practice for us to multi-task, whether it’s balancing both a full-size stroller and a doll stroller, or carrying a baby while helping the toddler navigate her bike.

  • Stretch


    With two little ones along, we rarely walk fast enough for it really count as exercise, but its’ so nice to get out of the house and stretch our legs a little.

  • Distraction-Free Zone

    Distraction-Free Zone

    Although I usually bring along my phone to snap a couple of pictures, it’s nice to get away from all the technological distractions in the house and have some time just to focus on my kids.

  • The Great Outdoors

    The Great Outdoors

    Walks are a fantastic time for us to appreciate the changing seasons and the beautiful part of the world we live in.

  • Explore


    I love that our leisurely pace allows for my girls to explore and investigate the flowers and dirt and generally just get to experience some tangible nature.

  • Experience Different Weather

    Experience Different Weather

    Living in a climate-controlled house, it’s nice to experience changing weather and temperatures. Even small children love to point out when it’s warm or cold, raining or sunny.

  • Creative Thinking

    Creative Thinking

    I’ve discovered that getting outdoors is a great change of pace for all of us – my toddler is more inventive and creative both during our walk and when we return home, and my mind is clearer and I’m better able to focus on my home and work responsibilities.

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