12 Summer Stroller Accessories You’ll Be Thankful For

Strollers are useful in any season, but they quickly become a must-have in the summer — when we’re doing more walking, traveling, and daily outings.

And summer strollers can require more bells and whistles, whether you need to keep out the sun or hold cold drinks. You can probably get by just fine without them, but you’ll be super grateful to have these stroller accessories once the warm weather hits:

  • Protect a Bub

    Protect a Bub

    For strollers with less-than-adequate sun shade protection, this universal stroller canopy has UPF50+ UV sun protection in a lightweight, breathable fabric. It even fits double strollers!

    Buy from Protect a Bub.

  • BuggyLOVE


    Most parents put some serious mileage on their strollers once the warm weather hits, which means more dirt, gravel, and wear and tear. Keep your summer wheels looking good with the BuggyLOVE cleaning kit — made with 100% natural formulas.

    Buy from BuggyLOVE, $7.99 – $49.99.

  • Dreambaby Stroller Fan

    Dreambaby Stroller Fan

    Is it necessary? Probably not. But if you’re looking for a way to keep your little one cool in the sweltering, sticky East Coast humidity, it might be worth the 8 bucks.

    Buy from Amazon, $8.

  • Mommy Hook

    Mommy Hook

    If you use your stroller as a shopping cart during the summer months — maybe you take it on vacation a lot, or you’re just out and about more often — a “Mommy Hook” will give you a heavy-duty hanger for shopping bags, groceries, camera bags, etc.

    Buy from giggle, $7.98 – $14.98.

  • BuggyGuard


    A retractable stroller lock that’ll give you some peace of mind when you leave your expensive stroller outside an amusement park ride or restaurant.

    Buy from Babies R Us, $7.98 – $14.98.

  • Tag*A*Long Kids

    Tag*A*Long Kids

    This is one of my favorite stroller accessories ever — especially for older siblings or part-time riders. The Tag*A*Long is a colorful, easy-to-grip handle that loops onto any stroller.

    See a video review at Early Mama.

    Buy from Tag*A*Long Kids, $9.99.

  • Disney Baby DORY Chime

    Disney Baby DORY Chime

    An adorable plush chime that dangles right from the stroller. Baby will love swatting and grabbing for that chime noise — and it’s Dory!

    Buy from Kohl’s, $8.99.

  • Disney Baby PIGLET Chime

    Disney Baby PIGLET Chime

    Another adorable Disney chime to hang from your stroller — perfect for occupying an infant during long strolls.

    Buy from Kmart, $5.99.

  • Winnie the Pooh Light-Up Musical Attachable Toys

    Winnie the Pooh Light-Up Musical Attachable Toys

    And these hanging Disney toys actually light up and play “You Are My Sunshine.”

    Buy from Toys R Us, $12.99.

  • Imagine Baby The Shade

    Imagine Baby The Shade

    Benjamin loves this car seat cover, which has UPF 50+ protection and keeps out the elements — including bugs. He especially loves to kick his little feet against the flexible fabric.

    Buy from Amazon, $39.95.

  • Skip*Hop Memory Foam Stroller Liner

    Skip*Hop Memory Foam Stroller Liner

    These colorful liners protect your stroller from crumbs, spills, and sticky summertime ice cream — and also add some comfort for your little one.

    Buy from Skip*Hop, $30.

  • Britax Stroller Organizer

    Britax Stroller Organizer

    With summertime comes cold drinks — especially on long walks outside. Most stroller companies make some kind of cup-holder attachment, or you can pick up something like the Britax organizer — which includes two flexible, insulated drink holders, and fits on most strollers.

    Buy from Britax, $29.99.

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