10 Disney Baby Essentials for Travel

While the best part of the holidays is coming together with the people we love, the hard part is getting there. Especially with a baby in tow. I know, I’ve spent the past 7 years doing it, and here are some things I’ve come to realize make all the difference.

  • The Must Haves

    The Must Haves

    These tried and true Disney Baby products will make your life a whole lot easier … and even a bit more fun.

  • Wipe Away the Icks

    Wipe Away the Icks

    I can’t tell you how many wipes we go through when traveling, and very few of them have to do with diaper changes. Keep extras on hand for all kinds of clean ups along the way.

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  • Stuck on Baby

    Stuck on Baby

    The last thing you need is to be finding pacifiers on the floor of the car or airplane. This will ensure that little soother is close by at all times.

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  • Entertainment Galore

    Entertainment Galore

    This blanket is the ultimate multi-tasker. Not only is it a lovey, it gives Baby multiple sensations to explore along the way.

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  • Saved By the Snacks

    Saved By the Snacks

    There’s something so utterly soothing about a good snack. Keep some of these on hand to pull out when Baby starts to get antsy.

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  • Sip, Don't Spill

    Sip, Don't Spill

    Having a spill-proof cup is a must — in your diaper bag, in your car, and in your lap.

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  • Portable and Packable

    Portable and Packable

    Whether you’re flying or driving, you’ll have so much gear with a baby that packing your fancy stroller probably isn’t necessary. This lightweight, easy-to-collapse umbrella stroller is a dream while traveling.

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  • Some Extra Support

    Some Extra Support

    You may find that being on the road or in the air means you can’t change Baby as often as you’d like. These diapers will keep Baby dry a bit longer.

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  • Distraction Action

    Distraction Action

    This fun book includes reusable stickers that will be a hit, even if your little one is far too young to read.

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  • Listen, Laugh, Bond

    Listen, Laugh, Bond

    Take advantage of your time together to enjoy some classic stories and great music.

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  • Light the Way

    Light the Way

    When you’re in an unfamiliar place, you’ll need a bit of light to help you find loveys, pacifiers, and even Baby.

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What about you? What are your travel must-haves?

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