When a Toddler Wants to Be a Toddler

In many ways, my daughter wants to be as much of an adult as possible

She wants to put her own shoes on. She asks for her own car (sorry, not happening, especially at 2). She wants to push the stroller, rather than ride in it. Sometimes she even pulls out my picture-less books and looks through them carefully as if she can read.

But when it comes to meal time, she insists that she has her own child-size dishes.


She has six sets of little plates, bowls, and cups like these little Mickey Mouse ones, and if, by some horror, all of them are dirty, we have to wash them by hand, because an adult plate, even a salad-sized one, is completely unacceptable.

And an adult spoon? Don’t even ask her to try eating food with that thing.

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