24 Nutritious Christmas Treats for Babies & Toddlers

With sugary treats available in plentiful abundance everywhere you look, it’s hard to deny your little one from having their first taste of a Christmas cookie, Chanukah treat, or a festive sweet.

Which is why it’s a great idea to have some healthy and fun holiday themed options, geared especially towards them. Little ones love faces, animals and caricatures made from food, so this is probably the best time to hop on that theme train with Santa, his reindeer, the elves, Frosty and a whole other slew of possibilities.

I’m willing to bet you’ll enjoy these healthy treats too. The holidays have this magical way of bringing out the child in all of us, I know it can’t be just me. Bring on the strawberry Santas and whatnot! 

  • Keep Them Happy & Healthy With Some of These Fun Food Ideas!

    Keep Them Happy & Healthy With Some of These Fun Food Ideas!

    It doesn’t have to be all about the sugar and the chocolate. (All of which I am totally for, BTW).

  • Frosty Bagel

    Frosty Bagel

    All you need for this cute idea is a bagel, some cream cheese, broccoli, carrots, red pepper, black olives and celery!
    Get the recipe here!

  • Reindeer Snack

    Reindeer Snack

    A cereal bar, apples and raisins are all you need for this crazy cute food plate. I know my toddlers would go berserk for this.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Snowman Stick

    Snowman Stick

    So adorable and so easy to make! I think I’m going to whip these up for tonight’s dessert and watch my little ones smile with glee.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Cheesy Snowman

    Cheesy Snowman

    Cheese never looked so dapper. Yum!
    Get the recipe here!

  • Santa Claus Crackers

    Santa Claus Crackers

    Clever, simple and cute. All the things you want to aim for when making fun food for your littles.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Rudolph Sandwich

    Rudolph Sandwich

    Make lunch-time super fun with this easy sandwich idea!
    Get the recipe here!

  • Santa Strawberries

    Santa Strawberries

    Alright, alright – so they’re filled with whipped cream. And maybe those are some chocolate sprinkles for the eyes. Who’s saying you couldn’t substitute vanilla yogurt for the whipped cream and little snippets of raisins for the eyes? Just sayin’.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Santa Bellies

    Santa Bellies

    Where do people come up with this stuff? I don’t know – but I’m glad they do. Very cute.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Wrap & Stack Christmas Tree

    Wrap & Stack Christmas Tree

    Whether you’re hosting a party for little ones, or volunteering to do some of the food for their preschool party or looking for quick and festive dinner on those last minute busy nights before the big day, this is your answer!
    Get the recipe here!

  • Seedless Grape Tree

    Seedless Grape Tree

    I’ve seen Christmas tree trays like this at various stores – making for endless, easy food presentation options!
    Get the recipe here!

  • Decorations


    So much fun! This is a little snack that older toddlers can help prepare.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Christmas Tree Snack

    Christmas Tree Snack

    It doesn’t get much easier than this!
    Get the recipe here.

  • Festive Fruit Cups

    Festive Fruit Cups

    Bake up some baby quiche shells, add vanilla yogurt, berries and fruits of choice and top with a sprig of mint!
    Get the recipe here!

  • Olive Penguins

    Olive Penguins

    While I realize that not all babies and toddlers like olives, perhaps not many even – mine actually DO! Specifically Abby – she loves her some kalamata olives, so. Besides, these are ridiculously adorable, I mean, really!
    Get the recipe here!

  • Christmas Tree Veggie Platter

    Christmas Tree Veggie Platter

    It can’t be all about the fruit, I had to represent the vegetables in here somewhere. Plus, there’s dip.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Christmas Fruit Tree

    Christmas Fruit Tree

    I don’t care how old you are. You know you would love this just as much as your baby.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Watermelon Snowman

    Watermelon Snowman

    A more beautiful culinary snowman there never was. At least made out of berries and watermelon anyways.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Chocolate Filled Raspberries

    Chocolate Filled Raspberries

    What? Raspberries are a fruit! What chocolate?! *Looks around*
    Get the recipe here!

  • Fruitcake Bars

    Fruitcake Bars

    This recipe right here? It’s fruitcake that they (and you) will actually want to eat!
    Get the recipe here!

  • Candy Cane

    Candy Cane

    Simply genius. I definitely would not have thought of this on my own.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Mini Bagel Wreaths

    Mini Bagel Wreaths

    Yum, yum, yum! A quick and colourful breakfast or lunch idea.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Christmas Present Cheese Log

    Christmas Present Cheese Log

    Tell me a baby or toddler who doesn’t love cheese!
    Get the recipe here!

  • Simba Hummus Platter

    Simba Hummus Platter

    Featuring two of my eldest toddlers most favourite things. The Lion King and hummus. We’ll be watching that movie perhaps a few more times than I want over the holidays.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Kermit


    This right here is an ode to The Muppet Christmas Carol and you can’t tell me otherwise. The Muppets = all things awesome.
    Get the recipe here!

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