Tips For Transitioning To The Sippy Cup

So many milestones happen that first year of baby’s life it’s sometimes hard to keep track and keep it all straight!  One of the sometimes challenging milestones that often gets overlooked is transitioning from the breast or bottle to a sippy cup.  Here are a few tips to help make the transition a bit easier.

  • Baby's First Cup

    Baby's First Cup

    Choose a cup with soft grip handles that will make it easy for baby to hold onto. Look for a cup with a soft valve, and preferably one that is slow release and/or spill proof to avoid messes and minimize gas bubbles. This learner cup from Nuk is perfect and so cute!

  • Offer the cup often

    Offer the cup often

    I started offering the cup as soon as we introduced solids and at every meal time thereafter. Initially baby will probably be hesitant to drink out of the cup and may not get much liquid if he tries, but keep trying and be consistent. Eventually baby will catch on and start drinking like a pro! Mickey Mouse 10oz Travel Lock Soft Spout Spill-Proof Sippy Cup 1-Pack

  • Easing into the sippy cup

    Easing into the sippy cup

    Once baby gets a bit older and better hand eye coordination, try introducing the sippy cup without handles and a harder spout that is less like a bottle. Insulated Spill Proof Cups

  • Sipping through a straw

    Sipping through a straw

    We have to teach babies just about everything, including how to drink from a straw! This insulated cup with sweat proof lining will make it easier for baby to grip and make the transition from bottle to cup a bit more fun. Toy Story Insulated Cup

  • Keep lots of bibs on hand!

    Keep lots of bibs on hand!

    Teaching how to drink from a cup can be messy business, so keep lots of bibs and burp cloths on hand to keep baby as dry as possible and wipe up spills. Darling Mickey Mouse 2 Pack Bibs

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