The Solid Food Files: Avocados

The Bubs is now past the 6 month mark so we’ve started to try to introduce him to the wonderful world of solid foods…

baby tries avocados

So far…

He is not a fan. We tried bananas first. Highly unsuccessful. Then we dabbled in avocados. I thought for sure he’d love avocados. (Who doesn’t?!)

Not so much. I’m not even sure one bit of avocados made it into his belly. Although I will say that the sofa and the towel had their fair share of avocados that fateful morning. I’m not sure if it’s the flavors that he doesn’t like or just the fact that it’s not a liquid. To test this theory, we let him sample some whipped cream from his Papa’s birthday cake last weekend. And… wouldn’t you know? The little punk LOVED that stuff. Too bad for the Bubs though, this Mama is set to get him to partake in some pieces that grow from the ground first. We’ll have to try the avocados again. Or maybe peas? Or mashed sweat potatoes? Or black beans? What do you think? What were your babies favorite first foods?

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