The Biggest Mistake I Made as a New Mom

With Beck’s first birthday nearing, I’ve started to find myself reminiscing about this past year. (Are you allowed to reminisce if it’s that recent of a time frame?) It’s hard for me to even remember those first few weeks but I do remember the the thing that caused me the most stress and the mistake I made that went along with it.
newborn photo shoot


The thing that caused me the most stress was learning how to feed my baby but I made it worse by being a clock watcher. Before I had a baby I was adamant I wouldn’t become one of those mothers who fed their baby at every peep and whine. I didn’t want Beck to be nursing 24/7 and I wanted to implement a schedule as soon as possible. However, this caused me to be at the opposite end of things where if it hadn’t been a full three hours after he had eaten, I complained that he shouldn’t be hungry yet. I was so concerned about the schedule that I overlooked visible and clear signs that something wasn’t quite working the way it should have been (my supply) and it took me much longer to realize that and to work through the feeding issues.

So my advice to new moms is to try and relax and to really listen to your baby’s cues. Trust your intuition because you’ll know your baby and their cries better than anybody else. It takes some practice and most likely will be frustrating at times but both you and your baby will figure it out and be all the happier because of it.

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