A (Mostly) Allergen-Free First Birthday Cake for Baby

My son turned one-year-old yesterday and since his birthday is just one day before my husband’s we decided to celebrate both birthdays at the same time. I’m not a fan of feeding babies sugar and try to hold off as long as possible. Because of this, I tried to find another option to the traditional icing covered cake so I headed to the one place that I find the most inspiration–Pinterest.


After some digging I came across several watermelon “cakes” made exclusively out of fruit. I fell in love with the idea immediately and decided to put my own spin on it. The result–a healthy cake that is allergen free (for the most part as some people are allergic to various fruits) and requires no baking or mixing. My son was happy as punch and devoured two slices, while my husband (who isn’t a fan of iced cakes) was thrilled as he could have his cake and eat it too.

If you are looking for the perfect birthday cake for your baby’s first birthday, I believe I’ve found it! The directions below are quite simple and there aren’t really any hard or fast rules to recreate it. Try different varieties of fruit and play with the shape of the watermelon to create your own version!

Keep in mind that although this is free of some of the most common allergens, some people may be allergic to fruits. Feel free to modify as necessary.

  • How To Make The Best Birthday Cake For Babies

    How To Make The Best Birthday Cake For Babies

    Looking for a healthy cake for your baby that is free of the most common allergens (gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free). In just a few easy steps you can make a cake that requires no stirring, mixing or baking.

  • Start With a Medium-Large Sized Watermelon

    Start With a Medium-Large Sized Watermelon

    Try to find a watermelon that is smooth and uniform in shape. Misshapen melons are a little harder to transform into cakes.

  • Cut Both Ends Off The Watermelon

    Cut Both Ends Off The Watermelon

    After slicing off both ends of the watermelon, place it cut-side down on a large cutting board.

  • Slice Off The Rind

    Slice Off The Rind

    Take a sharp knife and slice off the rind, staying as close to the melon as you can. After you have removed the white and green bits, carve the melon into a simple cake shape be leveling off the sides and top.

  • Let's Decorate!

    Let's Decorate!

    You can use any fruit you like for this, there is no hard rules. I opted for blueberries, strawberries and kiwis.

  • Kiwi Stars

    Kiwi Stars

    After peeling my kiwis, I sliced them into rounds and then used a paring knife to cut them into stars. Small cookie cutters would work really well for this, but I didn’t have any on hand.

  • And You're Done!

    And You're Done!

    Just like that you’re done! I sliced the strawberries into quarters lengthwise and then piled two on top of each other to create a deeper area for the blueberries. The kiwi stars stayed put thanks to thin toothpicks (be sure to remove the toothpicks before slicing the cake as they can be a choking hazard for little ones!) and decorated the bottom of the dish with blueberries as well.

  • Candle Time!

    Candle Time!

    Since the melon is so soft you can stick any candle in without any trouble.

  • Slice


    Everyone gets a nice array of fruit with each slice. One you remove the toothpicks (as mentioned previously) you can place the stars on top of the melon. Looks pretty doesn’t it?

  • And Serve!

    And Serve!

    My son had two slices of this ‘cake’ and enjoyed himself tremendously. There wasn’t much mess and everything cleaned up nicely.

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