My Baby’s Current Favourite Teething Remedy: Homemade Popsicles

My baby girl is breaking teeth like nobody’s business over here. For the most part, she’s a brave little girl and is handling it all quite well. As far as teething remedies go we opt to take the natural route, which has suited her just fine.

Although, there are some days (or nights) that all we can do is hold her and soothe her to the best of our ability. Teeth poppin’ can be nasty business. Which means constant drooling, slobbering and the gnawing of any and all random objects. Summer may be winding down, but around here we are firm believers of frozen treats year round.


I especially loved this roundup that our own Janseen curated of 10 Popsicle Recipes (To Try Before Summer Ends). Like I said. We’ll be testing these out year round, thank-you very much. Especially since they are so soothing on little Abby’s sore and fiery gums. Seriously. The popsicle eating may be messy, but so worth it. They have the ability to magically turn my runny nosed, teary teething baby into a quiet, busy popsicle eater/gnawer. A brief reprieve for all involved.

This is how I whip up a batch of healthy frozen yogurt treats for teething babies and panting toddlers (yes, my toddler pants like a dog for any and all frozen treats). Recipe included.

  • What You'll Need:

    What You'll Need:

    Yogurt, frozen or fresh berries, spinach, pineapple chunks and almond milk.

  • Necessity: Baby Sized Popsicle Tray

    Necessity: Baby Sized Popsicle Tray

    It’s important to find a popsicle tray with smaller receptacles than the average ones or your baby will just flounder around with a great big frozen popsicle. You have to keep in mind that their little fingers are just learning to grasp and hold things and connect those things to the gateway of their mouths. Also, a baby isn’t going to make it through a big popsicle, so in this case, yes – buy the specialty baby item. Less waste and easier for Baby to do independently.

  • Go To Town

    Go To Town

    Fill up that blender. You might as well make a good stash since you’re making the mess. I don’t measure my ingredients I just toss them in, making sure to add lots of plain organic yogurt to give them that creamy texture. If you don’t the berries will take over. Wondering about the addition of spinach? I’ll sneak in the greens any which way I can. The sweetness of the berries and pineapple completely disguise the fact that they are in there. Trickery. Blend on high until completely smooth.

  • Pour & Taste

    Pour & Taste

    This is where you’ll most likely spill some and perhaps pour yourself a little glass. One has to taste test these things. A mother’s work is never done. If you’re clever, you picked up 2 (or more if you have a small village of children) popsicle trays. A blender full will fill up at least 4 small trays such as this. I however only have the one tray which lasts about a week in our house anyways.

  • Admire & Pop In The Freezer

    Admire & Pop In The Freezer

    Remember to leave a little room at the top when pouring to allow for the handles. Take a moment to admire your mad Martha skillz*, take a pretty picture and pop those bad boys in the freezer. Doneski.

  • Leftovers For The Mama

    Leftovers For The Mama

    Perhaps the Daddy too if you feel like sharing. I’m a devout smoothie drinker in the mornings or for an afternoon pick-me-up so having pre-made smoothies in the fridge for hectic early mornings is always a bonus. Mason jars also freeze wonderfully so you can have a back-up ready to defrost if you don’t plan on consuming it right away.

  • Discovery


    Up until this moment, Abby had shared frozen yogurt bars with myself or her Daddy. This was her first time with one on her own. She went from raging to quietly enthralled in mere moments. Clickety-click, barba-trick.

  • Baby Approved

    Baby Approved

    We have a winner folks. The baby approves and slurped and munched that little sucker right down to the handle. Word to wise: strip baby beforehand.

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