Staying Connected When You’re Done Nursing

We’ve had a whirlwind of a month, Baby and I, and as we enter her last month before turning one, we’ll no longer be a breastfeeding pair. This wasn’t really how I planned things to go, in fact I thought we’d be going strong a year from now.


But my body had other plans, and now here we are. Figuring out the bottles (for at least another month) and learning new ways to connect. It is very bittersweet for me, since my baby girl is my last baby (she is the youngest of 4!) so every milestone she hits I have this huge urge to hold on to her and beg her to slow down.

Here are my 5 tips on staying connected when breastfeeding is over:

1. Snuggle in as if you are nursing.
We still get into the same positions, all snuggled in, even though she is drinking from a bottle. Even though other people can now feed her, I still want my special time with her so that our bond stays strong.

2. Sing and talk to your baby while she “nurses”.
Since we are in the same positions as nursing, while she has a bottle I sing to her, whisper to her, look into her eyes just like I would before. She locks eyes with me in a new way that is so beautiful – I highly recommend being intentional about this!

3. Have other special things just you and Baby do together.
I want her to think of me as the one who sings that specific song to her at bedtime, and the one who lets her play in my jewelry and the one who plays the silly funny face games with her. There are little quality moments we can have together even though we aren’t nursing any longer, which might sounds obvious, but is something I really needed reassurance on!

4. Spend time babywearing.
Babywearing is a fantastic way to bond with your baby, and something any parent can do no matter if you breastfeed or not. Try the carriers and slings that have baby right against your tummy/back so there’s no fabric in between – it really helps the closeness!

5. Read books together.
Babies at even a really young age love being read to, and this can be yet another quiet, quality time with you and your baby if you haven’t already started it. Have books in every room, so that eventually your baby can learn to bring books to you to read to her. These moments are priceless!

Do you have any tips on how to keep that bond when breastfeeding is over?

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