Stay Cool | 24 Toddler-Approved Summertime Treats!

It is warm out there isn’t it? ‘Tis the season for frozen treats that keep you cool and taste oh so good! Get toddlers in on the frozen treat fun with one of these 24 toddler-approved recipes that are full of fruit, color, and fun.

  • Stay Cool With These Fun, Frozen Treats!

    Stay Cool With These Fun, Frozen Treats!

    From rainbow pops, to banana ice cream, to patriotic red white and blue treats, these 24 frozen treats are sure to get you inspired for some frozen fun this summer. Click through to see them all and get inspired!

  • Banana Soft Serve

    It looks like ice cream, it tastes like ice cream. But it is actually just frozen bananas blended to perfection! Add some cocoa powder or peanut butter to up the fun factor and enjoy! Click the link below for the recipe!

    Recipe via: Life as an Artistpreneur

  • Frozen Blueberry Pops

    Summertime means blueberries are in abundance. You could go blueberry picking as a family and use up the extra berries in pretty purple pops like these! Click the link below for the recipe!

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Frozen Yogurt Friends

    How fun are these Stretch pops? Your little one could help you at the end with the face! Click the link below for the recipe!

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Cherry Limeade Pops

    I used to call popsicles like these, “lipstick pops” because they would make my little lips red after eating them. Maybe your little lady would like some “lipstick” pops too? These cherry limeade ones look yummy.

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Chocolate Dipped Frozen Kiwi Bites

    Frozen fruit is so delicious and nutritious! You can up the fun factor by getting your toddlers involved in putting pieces of fruit on popsicle sticks before dipping them in chocolate and letting them freeze up.

    Recipe via: Babble

  • Creamsicle Cups

    Creamsicles are one of summertime’s staple flavor combinations. Cool, creamy, and refreshing, the mix of yogurt and orange is so good! You don’t even need popsicle molds to make these, just use little paper cups!

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Fresh Fruit Pops

    These popsicles are basically a DIY version of the twin pops we all had as kids. Make them yourself using fresh fruit using the recipe below!

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Frozen Frog Eggs

    Kids will love these frozen “frog eggs” made from sweet and delicious kiwi which gives them their fun green color. Check out the recipe below for all the details!

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • The Frozen Elvis

    Frozen bananas with chocolate are one of my favorite treats! Kids can help sprinkle their favorite toppings on top! For details check out the recipe below. Photo by: Julie VR

    Recipe via: Babble

  • Frozen Grape Kabobs

    Have you ever tried frozen grapes? I tried them for the first time in college and fell in love. They are just like tiny little popsicle bites. Stick a few on a kabob stick for a nutritious frozen treat!

    Recipe: Big Red Kitchen via Babble

  • Frozen Pizzas!

    This is such a fun idea: Frozen Pizzas! Kids can help decorate with their favorite toppings! These would be so fun at your summer cookout this year!

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Raspberries and Cream

    This is so brilliant! These frozen stuffed raspberries are perfectly bit sized for toddlers and are a great idea for a frozen treat. Recipe below.

    Recipe: Super Healthy Kids via Babble

  • Ice Cream in a Bag

    This is such a fun (and yummy) experiment. It’s so easy to make DIY ice cream in a bag and would be a great activity for your summer cookout to entertain the littles. For directions click the link below!

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Jello Fruit Pops

    These colorful and fruit-filled pops are perfect for an afternoon cookout this summer. Check the link below for the recipe details! Photo by: Macki Cayloma

    Recipe via: Babble

  • Patriotic Pops

    Celebrate our country with these patriotic colored frozen treats. The recipe is so easy and both kids and adults alike will love cooling off with these red and blue pops.

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Rainbow Pops

    Kids will just love all the colors in these fun rainbow pops that don’t even require fancy popsicle molds. Check out the instructions via the link below!

    Recipe via: Babble

  • Watermelon Snow Cones

    Perfect for summertime afternoons in the sunshine, this recipe for watermelon snow cones is a great option for kids this summer. Click the link below for the recipe.

    Recipe via: Babble

  • Fireworks in a Cup!

    Try this oh-so-easy flavored fizzy recipe for kiddos summer. Click the link below to find out how to make it yourself.

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Frozen Strawberry Bites

    Frozen fruit on a stick is making it’s way back into the hearts of kids and adults everywhere. Kids can help decorate with sprinkles or other toppings and in a few hours these “pops” will be ready to enjoy!

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Strawberries and Chocolate Yogurt Pops

    The flavor combination that never fails, strawberry and chocolate. Let kids drizzle the chocolate chips on right before freezing these pops for extra fun.

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Watermelon Cucumber Pops

    Have you tried cucumber juice? It’s light and sweet and refreshing. It’s the perfect partner for sweet watermelon. Kids and adults will both love this summer treat. Click the link below for the recipe. Photo by: Brooklyn Supper

    Recipe via: Babble

  • Watermelon Pops

    How fun are these layered pops that look like watermelon slices?! The recipe is so easy you’re friends and kiddos will be so impressed with your frozen treat skills! Check it out via the link below.

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Watermelon Lime Pops

    Tangy and sweet and utilizing one of summertime’s staple fruits: watermelon, these pops are bright and yummy and perfect for your summertime cookouts!

    Recipe via: Spoonful

  • Mulitcolor Yogurt Buttons

    These are oh-so-easy and such a great option for the little toddlers in your group. Just yogurt in various flavors piped into small little buttons and frozen. Brilliant!

    Recipe: Lady Behind The Curtain via Babble


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