Road Tripping with Baby: The Food & Drink Edition

While attempting to get the most out of the summer, my family and I have embarked on quite a few road trips this year. Due to the nature of our business, a couple of these trips included my husband, while others I braved by myself with the three kids. Traveling 5-6 hours with a baby and 2 girls in tow is quite the experience, let me tell you! For the most part it has been smooth sailing and I definitely credit that to the fact that my son can see his sisters in the back seat. They are his ‘entertainment’ shall we say ;).

With 4 road trips down and 2 more to go, the most important tip I can share is – be prepared food-wise. Snacks that are suitable for babies and kids are my favourite because they can share easily and there is less fighting.

TIPS: Never leave your toddler unattended and always make sure they are supervised while eating! Also, don’t forget the wet wipes! They make clean-up a breeze and you can never have enough. 

  • Cheerios


    Cheerios are a given, regardless of where or how long we are planning on going away for. They are a favourite among most babies, toddlers, kids and adults.

  • Sliced or Diced Peaches

    Sliced or Diced Peaches

    Depending on how old your baby/toddler is, sliced or diced peaches make a great snack. While in the back seat, I like to hold a sliced peach for my son while he chomps away. These make good morning snacks, as you don’t want them getting warm while sitting around in the car.

  • Cereal Bars

    Cereal Bars

    Soft cereal bars are a great snack for everyone and they are great while traveling, as you can simply pop them in your purse without having to worry about spoilage.

    Check with your grocer as there are several brands that have shrunk the bar down a size and packaged them just for tots.

  • Drinks


    In regards to drinks, water is the only way to go for us. There is no clean-up, you never have to worry about accidental spills and most importantly water doesn’t go ‘bad’. Fruit juices or milk left in a warm car for hours doesn’t bode well for anyone’s health which is why I stick to H20.

    Be sure you pick up a good sippy cup with a lid like this one

  • Black Beans

    Black Beans

    Not the ‘typical’ snack but one that all three of my kids enjoy. Cooked black beans are nice and soft, full of protein and a good snack that isn’t very messy as my son can pick them up individually with his little ‘pinchers’ and they are easy for him to chew or smash between his gums.

  • Muffins


    Homemade muffins are a great ‘share’ snack. I like to eat mine while breaking off small pieces for my son to snack on.

    Tip: Make a double batch and keep the extras in the freezer for a rainy day. Defrosting them is quick and easy too!

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