Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes for the Whole Family

Oh beautiful summer! I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July and are gearing up for a great weekend! Over the last couple of days the weather has been hot and humid, calling for popsicles and lots of refreshing drinks. My son’s favorite breakfast is the same as his sisters’ and takes approximately 3 minutes to make. Smoothies are sweet, creamy and filled with all sorts of goodness. They are great choices for breakfast, snack and even dessert.

In hopes of switching things up a bit, I went on the prowl searching for new drinks to add to the morning and afternoon rotation, ones that my 22-month-old son would love as much as his sisters. Tomorrow we head out early in the morning for another round of strawberry picking and when we come back we’ll be making the Strawberry Basil Mint Lemonade , just one of the amazing recipes you’ll find in the slideshow below.


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