One (or Two) Thing(s) I’m Happy Someone Told Me: Nursing

When you’re pregnant or a new mom it feels like you have a sign on your forehead that says, “Give me unwarranted advice, please.” While some of it you quickly discard, there are several things people told me that I appreciated when I was going through new experiences as a mom. These few words about nursing helped me when I was having a lot of trouble.

mother and child

Before I had my baby I was discussing my nursing fears with my friend and she said, “Just go into it knowing it’s most likely going to be harder than you expect. It doesn’t come naturally to a lot of women. That way if it’s hard, you’ll be somewhat prepared and if it’s easy you’ll be happily surprised.”

After I had my baby and was experiencing a lot of pain when nursing my sister told me, “Just remember, he is getting bigger day by day and his mouth is getting bigger. He is getting better at nursing. It will just keep getting better.”

While nursing hasn’t been a walk in the park for me, it was comforting to know that other women had gone through the same thing and that it would get better.

Mother and Child painting by Enoch Wood Perry

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