On What To Wear When Nursing

What do you like to wear when you are nursing your babies? Shirts that button down the top? Flowy tunics with a cami underneath? V-neck tees you can tug to the side?

Well, since you asked… ;)

When I was brand new to nursing, I swore by the button up. That blue flannel in that photo there was my go-to. I called it my “new mom flannel” and oh boy the spit up that thing saw. And, let’s be honest, most days that new mom flannel remained fully unbuttoned from dawn till dusk ;).

Once we got our groove on, I discovered the amazingness of the v-neck tee shirt. (It didn’t hurt that it was now summertime and a button up flannel was a definite no-go.) Pull it to the side, and nobody’s the wiser. Plus you don’t have to deal with all that tucking and untucking.

Now that I’m a seasoned milker, I feel comfortable nursing in just about anything. I’ve even unzipped the back of a dress and wiggled a shoulder out so Huck could nurse during a particularly rough Sunday at church.

So, what do you like to wear when nursing? I’d love to know!

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