Nursing a Newborn: My Must-Haves

In 2010, I read 200 books. I don’t say this to brag, but rather to give you an idea of HOW MUCH NURSING I did with my first daughter (also, before she was born, I was commuting an hour a day and my husband was traveling for weeks at at time, so it was the best year of reading I’ve ever had).

Ani, happily, is a much faster eater so I’m not spending the same insane amounts of time sitting on the couch every day. Since she’s my second child and I have a toddler who wants attention, I feel supremely grateful for this.

Still, whenever I sit down to nurse, I bring a book. And, as is generally the case with babies, a whole slew of other things too. Here are my nursing necessities:

  • Nursing Pillow

    I know some people think nursing pillows aren’t necessary, but I find it so handy for keeping my baby in the right position and also for resting my book or phone on. (Also, watching my toddler haul it around – it’s almost as big as she is – makes me laugh).

  • Nursing Pads

    Nursing Pads

    Since I don’t enjoy changing my shirt after every nursing session and I’m basically a leaky faucet during the first few months of nursing, nursing pads are a must for me.

  • Burp Cloth

    Burp Cloth

    I actually mean burp CLOTHS since one is rarely enough.

  • Happier at Home

    Happier at Home

    I love to read and nursing is a nice quiet time for me to do it (now to just get a reading lamp so I can do it in the middle of the night too). Currently I’m reading and loving Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin.

  • My Phone

    My Phone

    And of course, I like to have my phone nearby so I can answer it if it rings or check my email if the urge strikes me.

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