Monsters University Snack & Treat Ideas for the Summer!

Last weekend we went to see Monsters University. I’m always a little wary about going to see sequels, well, because sequels. Sometimes they disappoint. This time however, we were thoroughly surprised and pleased.

Which says a lot because we brought our 23-month and 3 1/2-year-olds to see it with us. The movie-going experience at that age is always hit or miss. Theaters are dark and really loud, filled with a bunch of strangers on a screen bigger than they’ve every imagined. While my youngest was running amok by the end of the movie – my little guy was entranced from beginning to end.

I just wish I had thought of making one of these treat ideas to really tie the whole experience together! I guess there’s a Monsters University-themed BBQ destined in our future this summer.

Check out this fun and mouth-watering collection of snack and treat ideas, all inspired by Monsters, Inc. and Monsters U!

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