Milestone: Eating Solid Food

I figured since Beck reached the six month milestone I better introduce some solid foods to his diet. Our first attempt was last night with some ripe avocado. He was full of curiosity at first, watching my every move and even opening up when the spoon reached his mouth but once he had his first taste he decided it wasn’t such a treat. The photos really speak for themselves. I’m cracking up over his sour face.

  • Curious


    I love the expression on his face in this one, full of curiosity.

  • Anticipation


    He was fixed on my hand stirring the food.

  • Still Staring

    Still Staring

    He still hasn’t quite figured out what’s happening. He probably just liked the colors of the spoon.

  • Open Up

    Open Up

    Just like every other object he gets his hands on, he opened up ready to put it in his mouth.

  • The First Taste

    The First Taste

    I can’t stop laughing over his expression. He definitely did not think it tasted that great. He did end up swallowing it but not happily.

  • The Second Try

    The Second Try

    He made it three bites. Oh well, we’ll keep on working on it.

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