Mason Jars to the Rescue

You’d have to be living under a rock to not notice the crazy mason jar trend that has swept the nation.

I’m here to tell you that it hasn’t been without good reason. You can’t tell me that mason jar lanterns aren’t pretty or wildflowers or fresh lavender in a mason jar isn’t simplicity at it’s finest. Crocheted cozies for mason jars as decor items, however, not-so-much.

So, herein lies my tip for the day. 

Carrots & Sweet Potato

Baby food stored in mason jars. I shared my ideas yesterday on how making homemade baby food can be easy, without all of the gadgetry. Today I’m here to tell you there’s no need to fiddle with all of those little baby cube thingy’s.

I had them and used them all throughout my first baby’s early days on the foodie train and grew to detest seeing them piled up in the sink. Pain. In. My. Butt.

It was with my second, my little girl Abby — around the same time I got into canning and making preserves (hence all of the different sized jars at my disposal) — that I decided to use mason jars for baby food storage.


To me, the solution was perfect because, aside from the first couple of weeks when she started eating solids, she was eating more than one portion size those little cubes had to offer. I baked and steamed veggies weekly, stored it all in mason jars and took our a new jar to last every few days, stored in the fridge.

Nothing mind blowing going on here — but let me tell you how glad I was to not see those dirty baby cubes in the sink anymore. Very. (It’s the little things, right?)

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