Toddler (& Baby) Healthy Treats: Sugar Free Muffins!

Are you challenged like I am to not give in to your toddler’s desire (read: asking over and over again like a broken record), for treats?

This, happening in a household that rarely ever has pre-fab cookies or baked goods. If we have them I bake them, or we get them as a treat when out and about. Buddha knows I don’t have time to be baking to keep the pantry stocked with homemade (healthy) goodies on the regular. But I try.


Toddler: 1, Muffin: 0

Somewhere along the way, my little man became aware of the existence of treats and his eyes haven’t stopped glowing since. (Okay, maybe it was us who introduced him to the sweet indulgences of having a treat now and then. It’s the now and then part that’s hard to teach a toddler without the commencement of an epic meltdown. Because you there, evil momma. Not giving cookies for all the meals. Just. Ugh. How COULD you?)

Given all of that, plus our newest baby member has joined in the ranks of food adoration amongst our family, I am often researching recipes and healthy baking alternatives/substitutions to stock in our pantry for hectic mornings, mid-afternoon snacks or evening treats. The kind where I can get tricky and leave out the sugar and add grains or vegetables. I know! There I go being all evil again!

Is your interest piqued yet? Do you want to become the Magic Muffin Mommy Goddess and win all the Queen of The Treat Giving prizes? (Without dousing them in sugar?) The recipe is over on le petit rêve. Baby and toddler (even Daddy), approved. Let me know how it all works out for you!


Selena is a crafty, culinary mom. Creative Director > Social Media & Branding Consultant. Part-time big-mouth & frequent foot-eater. Daily contributor. Proud of her Anishinaabe roots.

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