The Foods of Vivi’s Fourteenth Month

I wouldn’t call Vivi a picky eater. A strange eater perhaps, but not overly picky. She’ll try anything once, but that doesn’t mean she’ll try it twice. She may love something one week (like the entire pint of raspberries she ate in one sitting) and then never touch it again (raspberries? Vivi? Never.) I have to believe some of her strange fickle behaviors with food depend on how her teeth are feeling. Those two top molars are still causing an awful lot of grump issues (at least that’s what I tell myself, it makes the grouchy days so much more bearable.)

Thankfully there’s a handful of foods she’s always up for, and some of them are better than others. Aw well.

Vivi eating raspberries

At the moment, avocado and scrambled eggs are the foods that rule Vivi’s dreams. Yogurt, string cheese, a good sharp cheddar and cottage cheese have always been winners as well. She’s lukewarm to the existence of cherry tomatoes and grapes at the moment but only two weeks ago she couldn’t get enough of them. She likes cold cereal as long as it has milk as well as oatmeal as long as it’s not too hot. When we were in Utah she wanted everything and anything that had to do with Mexican food, black beans, sweet pork barbacoa and cilantro lime rice called to her like Oreos call to me every once in awhile. We caught her in the garden on more than one occasion with a cucumber in her mouth. Spaghetti is always a classic and the best part about spaghetti is I can add in the leftover frozen cubes of homemade baby food I still have around. Tonight her marinara had some pureed carrot and butternut squash, SO SNEAKY I AM! She also has a fond affection for anything made with sweet potatoes, specifically homemade sweet potato fries.


I think the baby may like more foods than the entire rest of my family combined. It’s helped tremendously with Addie, “Well, the baby likes asparagus, why don’t you give it a try?” BOOM. Both kids eating asparagus (and spinach!)

vivi loves raspberries

Oddly enough, if we try to give the baby cake, chocolate or ice cream? She isn’t having any of it. She also much prefers water to juice (except for super pulpy and cold orange juice.) I was worried that her first birthday smash cake would be a disaster, that she’d like it so much that there would be sobbing tears when we tried to take it away. Thankfully she wanted nothing to do with it, near her mouth at least. But boy did she like playing in that thing. The same way she likes to play with olives and raspberries (she likes to stick them on her fingers!) and applesauce (finger painting!)

Feeding Vivi is fun, awfully messy sometimes, but it’s nice to have someone around who always enjoys my cooking.

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