Food Aversion Solved


A little over a month ago I posted a call for advice because I was concerned that Beck had a huge aversion to solid food. And boy did you guys come through! I was happy to read all of the advice but the one that I heard most was, “Don’t worry, he’ll start eating solid food when he’s ready.” As a first time mom, it’s hard not to worry but I listened and tried to relax. And here’s what happened –

Since we knew we had had success with mashed potatoes, we started feeding him similar textured things and not soupy baby food. Beck has seven teeth now so I knew that chewing wouldn’t be all the difficult, he just needed to figure it out. He took to the mashed sweet potatoes and the cooked carrots so we just kept on going and introduced him to new foods daily. Now he eats whatever we’re eating, as long as we don’t mash it up too much. Today he even grabbed a pita chip out of my hand and shoved it in his mouth before I could grab it back.

So the problem wasn’t taste, it was texture. And you were right, he started eating solid food when he was ready. I had no need to worry.

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